man doing tip-toe stunt during daytime

The ultra-wide Bermuda is a complete 180 from last season’s XXS shorts. Although it may be August and the rain is still pouring down, this style brushes across your knee, making it ideal for any British weather. Designers from all walks of the fashion industry adapted to this new post-lockdown style during the SS 2022 shows. Both fashion designers and customers were forced to reflect on what fashion means to them. How do we feel about wearing clothes? Get started on reorganizing your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to wear shorts!

These are our top picks for this season:

Paul Smith was capable of transforming traditional outdoor items like parkas, climbing boots, and coats into street-centric staples. Sir Paul can transform nylon parachute shorts into the romantic hues of summers spent in Tuscany. Get your pair of shorts and go adventuring!

woman in white crew neck t-shirt and blue denim shorts standing on road during daytime

Giorgio Armani offers many casual options, including the shorts. This season’s Giorgio Armani collection was not only full of tailored suits. Designers are constantly trying to define what a “suit” actually is. And in the time when most of the world is works from home and has Zoom meetings with their colleagues being able to dress up only the top and leave the bottoms casual, shorts plus blazer becomes one of the forms of the most up-to-date, comfy, and acceptable suit styles that you should definitely try.

man doing tip-toe stunt during daytime