selective focus photography of eyeshadow palette

Coca-Cola has partnered with Morphe to create a new makeup range. The “Cherry Coke” range includes an eyeshadow palette and lip gloss as well as a blush, lipstick, and makeup sponge.

selective focus photography of eyeshadow palette

The Cherry Lip Glaze adds shine to your lips. It comes in a bold black cherry color.

woman with red lipstick and black mascara

The Cherry Refresher Lip and Cheek Duo, which includes a black-cherry lipstick glaze and a cherry-toned blush, is ideal for those who are always on the move.

woman in black tank top holding pen

The Bunch O’Cherries Bunch O’Cherries 3-Piece Beauty Sponge Set, made of velvety microfiber material, completes the collection.

The Coca-Cola x Mophe “Cherry Coke” collection will be available online from August 19.