two labeled bottles

YSL Beauty launched a new range of makeup-skincare products. Five items were created by Gen Z for Gen Z to make the “NU” collection. “NU” (which translates to ‘naked in French) embodies perfectly freedom and authenticity rooted within the Yves Saint Laurent principles,” Laetitia Raoust of YSL Beauty U.S. told us. “Our next-generation makeup and skincare hybrid collection encourages everyone to be authentic to themselves, to accept their imperfections, and to show it off. This is a simple, inclusive, and unapologetic statement that aligns with our vision of beauty.”

white round plastic container on brown paper

The Glow In balm is a moisturizer and highlighter that uses an oil-in water formula with light-reflecting pearls.

The Blotting Lotion is for those who prefer a matte finish. It has a jellyified water texture and air-light mattifying dust that give the skin a soft, smooth look.

The Tone Corrector can improve the appearance of your pores. It contains verbena extract, vitamin E, and a matte powder.

two labeled bottles

The Bare Look Tint foundation offers extra hydration due to skin-loving ingredients such as hyaluronic and brightening mallow.

The Dewy Mist, which contains hyaluronic and pomegranate oils extracts, completes the range.

The “NU” collection, which is available now on YSL Beauty’s website, contains all products in environmentally friendly containers that are made from recycled materials with vegetal ink printing.