Hennessy Very Special is known for its long history of exclusive collaborations in the art and street culture realms. Limited-edition bottles have been produced with artists such as Futura, KAWS and A$AP Ferg. The Maison is expanding its reach by partnering with French prodigies Les Twins. They have a long history of exclusive collaborations within the realms of art and street culture. This includes nine years touring with Beyonce with her main dancers, as well as numerous international collaborations. This is not only the Maison’s first collaboration with live performance artists, but it’s also the first time that two bottles will drop as part of the same limited edition collection. The twins were invited to visit Maison Hennessy in Cognac to see the distilleries and vineyards. They returned to the studio to continue their work, translating the journey from Earth and glass into interpretative artistic motion. Because the Maison is so rich in history and has so much passion, we knew that we wanted to create something new. Their story is connected to the Les Twins’ 250-year-old story.