black and orange scooter parked on sidewalk

The electric scooter is no longer a micro-mobility device that you would find in places like San Francisco or London. The inaugural eSkootr Championship will make it a professional sport. Participants will be able to drive custom-built scooters as fast as 100 km/h while wearing Tron-inspired outfits. Jordan Rand, a fashion model turned-racer, identifies e-scooter racing as a motorsport that celebrates sustainability and affordability. Rand says that she loves the diversity of the sport. This is not just for people of color but for all races. Rand was a former professional ice skater, track athlete and model. She decided to take up the new sport because it would allow her to continue her passion for recreational racing.

Rand also shares her thoughts with us about e-scooter racers and the future of the sport. Below is Rand’s interview. eSkootr Racing is a new sport.

black and orange scooter parked on sidewalk

For those unfamiliar with the race, can you briefly describe it?

The eSkootr Championship is a new sport. It will take place on streets, parks and stadiums. You will be able to race around different cities in the world on the tracks. Each race will have multiple races, which bring together the top racers [through heats] to form the final race of the day. Safety and sustainability are the main goals of the racing series. The eSC Championship will take the lessons from the sport and put them into practice in real life. It will help grow micro-mobility in cities safely and sustainably. Although I have always enjoyed racing motorcycles recreationally, it was for the thrill, the discipline and the adrenaline. But the idea of leaving my job to be able to compete with Valentino Rossi was absurd. I was filled with hope when I discovered eSkootr. It offered me the chance to race professionally and had a fighting chance. It is a new sport, and it does not yet exist. It is impossible to be a professional in a sport that doesn’t exist. All of us are learning together and sharing our knowledge. I was attracted to the idea of sustainability because it is a mission that we all share. We are shifting away from negative environmental impacts and towards sports that promote sustainability. Formula E is growing in popularity. They don’t only want professional racers. They also open the sport up to serious athletes, in all disciplines, including motorbikes and freestyle scooters. eSC is a brand new sport that attracts athletes from many disciplines. The testing event was held in Italy at July’s end. We were able to ride the S1-X racing electric-scooter. It was a great test and the eSkootr is a joy to ride. It’s so fast and leans in the corners.

What were the challenges of learning how to ride an e-scooter in competitive racing?

Unlike motorcycle and car racing, where racers sit all the time, eSkootr racing requires that you stand for the duration. This is a serious sport that requires athletes to be fit. In high school and college, I was a professional ice skater as well as a track athlete. Although I was adamant that competitive figure skating was difficult on my legs, it is quite different. It is also a challenge to develop your own racing technique. There are no rules, so there is no one right way to ride an e-scooter. Everyone is still trying to figure out how they can be fastest. The fact that there is no dedicated track for e-scooters makes it a challenge. We are currently training on karting tracks, or something similar, as e-scooters do not have a place in the racing world.

Have you noticed any similarities or differences in your career as a fashion model and eSkootr competitor?

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The differences between the two are quite obvious. I don’t think I will ever be asked to swim in ocean in a racing gown, or to balance on a platform while riding 100 km per hour during modeling. However, I must admit that it is not difficult to squeeze myself into tight leather outfits in both of these careers. There are always cameras around the track. Racers can also be ambassadors for brands, much like models. It’s a great feeling to be able to race and train in comfort. Models and athletes today are expected to be multifaceted. A model can become an athlete, and an athlete who is a model can have a lot more opportunities to be a global brand. Already, we are seeing more electric scooters being rented and personalized in cities. Micro-mobility is becoming more popular around the globe. In five to ten years, children will be practicing and dreaming to be future eSkootr champs. E-scooter racing is one of the most accessible racing sports in the entire world. It’s amazing how relatable e-scooter racing is. While most people will never experience the joy of riding in an F1 car or on an electric scooter, almost everyone can feel what it’s like to ride one. It’s quite exciting. Hopefully people will be able to witness the eSkootr Championship around the globe and, who knows, maybe even in the Olympics. Motorsports should be allowed to compete in the Games. E-scooter racing is a perfect example.