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Saweetie was tapped by McDonald’s to collaborate on a new special-edition meal. The set includes a Big Mac and four-piece Chicken McNuggets. It also features a medium Sprite, Tangy BBQ Sauce, and the “Saweetie’N Sour.” sauce. A limited-edition handbag by Brandon Blackwood is available as part of the partnership. The raffle also offers a five-day free trip to Las Vegas. The Icy Girl and McDonald’s launched a line of co-branded tees and sweats. We also chatted with Sawetie about her favourite McDonald’s order and her reaction to the announcement. The musician describes herself as someone who has been eating McDonald’s since she was a baby. She also talks about her love for fast food and how it helped her get that “McDonald’s money.” Continue reading to hear the Icy Girl’s conversation. To shop the collection priced between $18.50 and $128 USD, you can visit the Sawetie x McDonald’s official website.

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Q: How did you react to the news?

The team at McDonald’s clearly saw my passion for McDonald’s food and their ability to remix their menu. It was like a dream coming true when I received the call. At first, I thought my managers were laughing with me. It’s a great opportunity to work with people I care about. The Sawetie Meal would be your choice if you had to pick one order. It contains all my favorite foods, whether I’m craving chicken McNuggets, fries, or a Big Mac. You can also make a combination of both, like adding my Chicken McNuggets to my fries and drizzle with the Sawetie ‘N Sour sauce. The inspiration for the design was Brandon Blackwood, who is one of my favourite handbag designers. I’m glad that he’s collaborating with me. His bag was featured in my “Fast (Motion),” video, and I have been in love ever since. I wanted to combine my love of McDonald’s with my love of fashion in one handbag. One lucky winner will receive one of these limited edition bags, plus one for their best friend.

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Q: What do you think about your McDonald’s merch? What item do you love the most? Why?

Some of the tees have my favourite things: a volleyball, palm trees (because I’m a Cali girl), and my “Saweetie N Sour” sauce. The oversized sweatshirts have a great airbrushed look. These sweatshirts are great for lounging in. My family would often drive past McDonald’s together, and I would ask if they could get food. They would then ask me if my bank account had any McDonald’s money. Now, many years later, I have that McDonald’s money. Sprite would be my favorite at McDonald’s. Sprite from McDonald’s is a different kind of Sprite, and I’m sure people understand what I’m talking.