RuPaul’s Drag Race alum GigiGoode has made it clear that she is transgender. In an Instagram video, the star opened up to her fans. She begins, “I don’t know where to begin this. Let’s jump in, shall we?”

Gigi states, “I guess, without going into too many details, about eight months ago in January right at the start of the year, that is when I decided to initiate the process of hormone substitute therapy.” Lockdown allowed the drag queen to reflect and think, which helped her see that she is now “leaning more towards nonbinary aspects of being genderfluid.” She has been binge-watching the HBO Max series Veneno featuring trans characters as part of her healing process. The show “completely opened her mind up to who she is and who she’s supposed to be.” Her transition to Drag Race took eight months, and she revealed it to her mother and friends from House of Avalon. “I am aware of the impact that strangers can have on these kinds of situations so I knew when it was time to start that this would be a journey that is my own and I would not need any outside help,” Goode explained. Goode is currently recovering from facial feminization surgery. Goode stated that she is trans/nonbinary and prefers she/his pronouns. She also said she plans to legally change her name from Gigi.