woman in white long sleeve shirt sitting on brown wooden chair using macbook air

It seems that the time has come for the long commute back to work…at least for some…but only for a few days…maybe …? Although each employee’s experience with in-person work will be different, it is fair to say that post-pandemic world of work will be similar for all. We have some suggestions for you, whether you are staying at home for the foreseeable future or attempting to navigate a new mix between onsite and remote work.

Our guide breaks down the four levels of “in person-ness” that you will experience this fall. It includes products that are best suited for each work category, from completely remote to fully onsite, and everything in between. We know it can be overwhelming to keep track of all that information so we have kept our recommendations to two products per category. The best home-office investment is a good desk chair, the most portable and useful workstation gear (a Bluetooth keyboard), the most practical commuter accessory (a large bag), or the essential for shared space (a breathable face-mask and sanitizer), these work essentials will support your health and help you get the job done.

The pandemic continues, and our knowledge of best safety practices is constantly evolving. We recommend that you visit the COVID-related resources offered by your local health department (WHO, CDC), and keeping up to date about your rights at work.

Remote work essentials

Home Office Chair

Over the past year and half, the home office chair has seen a lot of popularity. For employees who are settling into long-term work from home, the chair has become a staple of their lives. It’s time to update your workspace with a swivel chair that’s both comfortable and easy on the eyes. Even better, they are very affordable at Deidecor, Modway, Kelly Clarkson Home, and other stores.

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We are confident in our ability to tell you that even if your WFH setup is not already equipped with one, a monitor can transform it. A laptop doesn’t have a lot of display space so adding a second monitor can help you relax and digitally stretch. You’ll be able to rest your neck and back better if you don’t have to hunch over. Most laptops have an integrated port that allows you to connect to an additional monitor. This makes it a simple upgrade and some of the best-rated styles start at $100.

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Remote work essentials

Lumbar Support Pillow

You’ll be working from your home office, so you need to think about ways to improve your back support. You can attach and remove a lumbar cushion from your seat easily so that you don’t have the burden of carrying it with you when you need it.

throw pillow on chair beside end table inside room

Standing Desk Converter

We have learned something from the many hours spent in our “makeshift offices” that standing desk converters can be used at home. Convertible and compact units can elevate a variety of surfaces, including dressers, tables, countertops and coffee tables. They can also be stored away when you are not in the office. You can make your home feel like a home even when you aren’t there.

woman in white long sleeve shirt sitting on brown wooden chair using macbook air

Most Onsite Work Essentials

Folding Keyboard

We suggest that you bring your own keyboard to those who will be returning to work for most of the week. You don’t have to worry about germs and fingers coming in contact with your hands. These foldable options don’t take up much space on your desk, in your bag, or can be connected to tablets, computers, and even mobile phones.

silver iPhone X beside camera lens and Apple Keyboard

Commuter Bag

It’s time to get back on the train for your AM/PM commute. You will need to get rid of your MetroCard, your bike, and your commuter shoes. Make sure you have the right bag, messenger bag, backpack, and tote to transport all your IRL office essentials.

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Completely Onsite Work Essentials

Breathable face masks

While guidance on indoor mask-wearing continues to changes along with the ever-evolving Covid situation in this country, be prepared to keep yourself and others safe in the office by stocking up on the best breathable options for all-day wear.

red black and green plaid textile

Sanitizing Wipes

You can keep your office clean by bringing a variety of handy sanitizing wipes for the busy office worker. There’s nothing that says, “It’s good to return!” than a clean desk. You don’t need to have a lot of cleaning supplies for yourself and your colleagues. You can stuff your laptop bag or backpack with individually wrapped antibacterial wipes, and/or keep a larger pack at work. You’ll be a blessing to them later.

blue and white plastic pack