woman wearing beige lace gown with bow belt

Companies are cutting down on lead times in today’s fast-fashion world. Sales are driven by quicker delivery options. Olvi’s is a luxury slow fashion brand that delivers custom products in a shockingly short time frame of 4-8 weeks. Olvi’s private production facility allows them to have full control over their supply chains, ensuring that bulk orders are fulfilled quickly and sustainably.

white tape measure and gray scissors

The past few months have been a learning experience for all sectors and industries. We understand how important it is to have a supply chain that is trustworthy, transparent, accountable, reliable, and accountable. This was a difficult situation we were not prepared for. We at Olvi’s have decided to change things with our most recent campaign. This season was shot in our own production facility. It features our entire production team to inspire empathy and faith.

Presenting Olvi’s latest collection, “Meraki”

“To do something with heart, creativity, or love: to put your soul into your work.” This collection is special and personal. It was created to bring joy and brighten up the year. This collection’s harmonious combination and selection of colors will lift your spirits and encourage you to look forward to happier times.

woman wearing beige lace gown with bow belt

You can see Olvi’s signature Lace in many different designs and lines. This is a sign of the quality and stretch of the lace. We see Olvi’s elegant royal evening gowns in deep greens and blues. These are designed to be unforgettable. To add variety, we also have a selection of body-con dresses in playful warm colors that are ruffled at their bottoms.

To summarize

Olvi’s is an international luxury brand that has a presence in over 30+ countries around the world. It recognizes the power of change. Our latest campaign honors all of our people and stands tall and proud.

What we wear, believe in and fight for is what defines us. Sustainable growth is no longer an option, it’s a responsibility.

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