Burberry, a British heritage brand, will continue its partnership with Team Qhubeka NextHash in the Tour of Britain 2021.

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This collaboration was first announced by Burberry in June, earlier this year. Burberry was named the first luxury fashion brand that would partner with a Tour de France team. Burberry’s logo, and Thomas Burberry Monogram, will be featured on Team Qhubeka NextHash’s cycling jerseys.

The luxury fashion house will be there to support the team during Stage Five in North West and Stage Seven along the Scottish Borders with a series “unexpected mini-branded pop ups”.

The Tour of Britain started in Cornwall on September 5, and will end in Aberdeen on September 12.

Team Qhubeka NextHash, a high-performance, purpose-driven UCI WorldTour cycling team, competes in order to raise awareness and funds Qhubeka, an South African non-profit organization.

Qhubeka, Nguni for “to move forward”, allows people to get bicycles through its non-profit programs. It is also supported by a Burberry donation.

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Qhubeka’s initiatives allow students to travel to school, healthcare workers to access more patients, and first responders to transport life-saving equipment for those in need. Ubuntu is the foundation of their purpose-driven outlook. It is a celebration of humanity and a connection with the larger world.