person holding pink and white balloon

Limited-edition products available, as well as on-site manicures or tooth gem application.

Peachy Den, a British cult brand loved by It models such as Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber, has launched its first ever pop-up in London.

The space, which will be filled with cotton candy pink curtains and feature hand-painted walls with the brand’s Angel motif, will open on Saturday. It will carry two limited-edition colorways of Peachy Den’s Kernel Jumpsuits, in “Midnight Blue”, and “Cerise” respectively. Shoppers can also purchase limited-edition merchandise, such as Nalgene water bottles and gingham knickers from Peachy Den, and have the option to personalize the lingerie with embroidery.

person holding pink and white balloon

The pop-up will also host other community events and activations, such as manicures by Pheebs nails, floral arrangements by Pink Gold Peach, and tooth gem application by Oona Beauty.

“We are so excited to meet our customers and give them a true understanding of who we are as brands,” Peachy Den founder Isabella Weatherby told us via email that she is excited to bring together the community.

She said, “We want the shop to be a place for peachy people to meet and hang out.” To give back to our customers, we have planned activations in the space.” These are just £5 and will be charity donations to Women for Afghan Women.

Weatherby spoke out about the brand’s growth over the past year and said that they are now a tight-knit group of 10, based in a small studio in South London. “This year, we introduced new product categories such as knits and prints. We have an exciting drop this month, which we can’t stop revealing.” She also spoke out about potential future pop ups in other cities. “We have the popup bug now, so the next thing on the cards for Peachy Den will be Paris.”

clothes hanged on clothes rack

From September 11th through October 11, the pop-up will be open to the public. More information is available at the Peachy den website.

Peachy Den Pop Up Shop is located at 27 Peter St., London W1F0AJ.