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It’s time to start tackling your fall to-do lists according to your level of excitement. You should start with appointments that feel like self care, such as booking in for the laser-hair removal consultation you’ve been saving for, a brow clean or facial, or the appointment at the salon that makes the most obvious difference: a haircut.

We have some suggestions for you if you’ve been wondering what to ask. There are several big hairstyle trends that are currently being shown in salons all across the country. These are all classic styles, but you can modify them to suit your hair texture, length preference or curl pattern. Here are some ideas to help you get started for your next appointment.

New Layers

You can dramatically change the way your hair falls by using subtle scissors work. To give your hair more bounce and movement, if you have long hair, don’t cut too many of the ends.

woman in black long sleeve shirt covering her face

Shaved Pixie

You can get that energy back-to school with a big chop. You can close-buzz your sides while leaving a little bit of length at the top.

woman wearing round eyeglasses

Jawline Bob

Vega sheepskin coat with a sharp, heavy bob is the best way to express autumn fashion.

woman holding book while sitting on gray bench

Feathered Bangs

For fall, curtain bangs will be replaced by a more blunt style. The vibe is still feathery so you can see a bit of your forehead through the long curls.

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Mid-Length Chop

If you are unsure of the length, choose a short to medium-length cut. You will see a gradual growth over the next three to four months. At that point, you may decide that you are ready to cut it shorter than you currently have.