pink leather bag

British fashion brand Mulberry unveiled the new chapter of its Mulberry Editions, with Richard Malone (Irish-born, London-based designer), as part the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Malone has reinterpreted two Mulberry bags for the Mulberry x Richard Malone capsule series. They feature the iconic Postman’s Lock – the Bayswater and Darley.

black and brown leather bag on brown wooden table

The collection was unveiled at Malone’s spring/summer 2022 exhibition at the V&.A museum during London Fashion Week. It combines Mulberry’s heritage and the designer’s bold design language.

Mulberry explained that the capsule’s starting point was adaptability and durability of luggage and travel bags. Malone also drew inspiration from Mulberry archives, where he was impressed by the “pragmatism and purpose of the designs” and how they could seamlessly adapt to fit into a wardrobe over decades.

Malone took apart the Bayswater to create the collection. He also added interior details such as pockets and serial numbers fobs, as well as piping, to the bags’ exteriors. This classic was reworked to create two new silhouettes: the Triangle Bayswater, and the Barrel Bag.

Malone also adds his stamp to Mulberry’s signature hardware: the postman’s locks, which can be found on both the Bayswater or the Darley. He encases it in leather for an updated, subtle look.

pink leather bag

Mulberry x Richard Malone launches at London Fashion Week

Mulberry and Malone have created an eco-friendly version their signature scotchgrain fabric, which is used in all styles. This is to show British craftsmanship and sustainability. It’s now made from Bio-Synthetic materials that are made from recycled cereal waste. This lightweight, hard-wearing material feels and looks the same as the original textured Leather. All leather used on the handles and straps is made from Gold-standard, certified tanneries.

Mulberry described the collection a “celebration function as much form as design,” which is “pared back yet impactful.” He also said that the geometric shapes echo Malone’s architectural silhouettes.

The collection’s “punchy” palette of blue, red and green, inspired by 1970s and post-modern design, reflects the purity of its design.

Richard Malone stated in a statement that “Collaborating With Mulberry Feels Like a Natural Fit for Me – I Really Respect That They Have Meaningful Conscious Values and Ambitious Sustainability Plans in Place.”

“The entire process was so rewarding. Mulberry has been a true partner, allowing me to be creative completely free. This collection is about function. I created bags people will love for many years.”

Mulberry’s chief executive Thierry Andretta said: “We are thrilled to announce Richard Malone’s contribution to the Mulberry Editions Series. Mulberry is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an exciting moment. His unique take on our design DNA and reinterpretation two of our most beloved bags, combined with our shared passion and commitment to the Made to Last values quality and sustainability, make this a truly special moment.”

Mulberry x Richard Malone capsules include a Bayswater (mini bayswater), Small Darley, and two new styles, The Triangle Bayswater & Barrel Bag. Accessories include a Coin Pouch, Key Fob, and a Coin Pouch. The digital collection will be available on starting September 19, and in all major retailers worldwide beginning September 20. Mulberry Edition’s first designer collaboration was launched in June by Priya Ahluwalia. She reimagined Mulberry’s Portobello Tote as well as a selection of scarves with her vibrant aesthetic. Nicholas Daley will create a capsule from Malone’s collection in November.