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Northern Fashion Week will launch next year in order to highlight northern talent and shine a light on the “vast possibilities” in the North.

The ticketed fashion show will take place at Manchester Central from July 7 through 9. The event will be produced and curated by New Talent Fashion, an innovative platform that connects the fashion world.

Siobhan Clear O’Donnell was the founder and chief executive for Northern Fashion Week and New Talent Fashion. She stated in a statement that she created Northern Fashion Week “to allow northern talent to showcase themselves, giving their fair chance within fashion industry.”

“Representing the North is to represent not only the talent, but also the thriving industry. Northern Fashion Week celebrates both. The North is where I was born and also the birthplace of many outstanding fashion industry innovations and inspiring fashion talent.”

Northern Fashion Week will be held at Manchester Central. Other breakout events are scheduled earlier in the week at other northern cities, including Leeds and Liverpool.

Northern Fashion Week will celebrate talent and brands from North

The organizers explain that the event will feature “the most talented individuals as well as game-changing organizations in the fashion, creativity, and media landscape.” There will be a series of catwalks and presentations to support underrepresented groups within the fashion industry.

Fashion week will facilitate connections between fashion professionals through fast networking sessions and workshops, seminars, and interactive stands to brand or retail experiences. It will also highlight the best of North America with the Northern Fashion Week Awards.

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O’Donnell said: “Northern Fashion Week is for the child seeking inspiration, the student looking for a chance, the local business looking to grow, and the individual who stands proudly to celebrate the North.”

“The vision of Northern Fashion Week is built on opportunity, community and innovation. It also reflects a love for North – the drive to create a space for fashion designers and the industry to grow.”

As part of their plan to ensure a sustainable future for British fashion, organizers are working with local universities and educational providers.

An official line-up of performers will be announced at a later time. Tickets will be available at and via its official ticketing partner, Eventbrite.