woman holding yellow-petaled flowers above her head

Edeline Lee, who was in the UK lockdowns when her collection was developed, presented a colorful array of looks for her spring/summer 22 collection. She exhibited it in a unique digital presentation at London Fashion Week.

Lee’s collection was primarily feminine and featured a range of statement and standard pieces that re-created and altered the bestsellers of the house. The collection was dominated by bold colour-blocking designs, as well as deconstructed styles that created fascinating silhouettes.

Lee stated that it was wrong to order new fabric while the items were being made out of leftover fabrics from his studio. It is a vibrantly coloured collection with distinctive details such as oversized bows, flared edges, and cleverly designed layering.

woman holding yellow-petaled flowers above her head

According to the Canadian-British designer, the presentation was a dream about his collective reemergence into society. He said that he was dreaming of all our repressed desire to get out and see new things and fly high into the sky to blast ourselves to the moon.

Franknitty3000, a Hong Kong-based visual artist collaborated with the designer to create the digital presentation. The animations were fascinating and varied, ranging from deconstructing the bodies to holding a cut of their heads while they balance on a ball made of yarn. Peter Smith, multimedia artist, brought new life to the imagery in the collection lookbook. The visuals looked almost like they were moving.

woman in blue dress

Lee said, “I had been exploring digital art’s possibilities for the past two seasons. I also wanted it absurd, surreal and joyful, exuberant. abundant, varied – all colours of the rainbow.”

Friends and contributors to the house also collaborated, including musician Tom Burke, Christina Wood, who sang, and Kyung Roh Bannwart who directed the scenery.

“The whole project was collaborative and community-driven, with most of it done remotely. Although we have been working together for many months, Frank and Peter have never met in person. Edeline said that I zoom them at random times and then turn off my camera. Maybe it’s better for us to meet in our minds.”