woman standing near concrete building

Cos, a high-street retailer, made its debut at London Fashion Week. It displayed a hybrid showcase of its fall/winter 2021 collection at London’s iconic Roundhouse.

The show featured a catwalk with models walking on curtains with moving imagery, colours and portraits from the campaign. It was also live-streamed worldwide through Cos’ website, social media, and YouTube.

brown concrete building near bare trees during daytime

With its minimalistic tailoring and muted colours, the autumn/winter 2021 collection was immediately recognisable by Cos. It also featured bursts in cobalt and canary yellow, as well as its ability to combine streetwear and utilitarian styling.

Cos used the LFW showcase as a platform to define a new direction. The brand is “rethinking fashion’s future” and has a collection that aims to revive wardrobe staples. It features an elevated, redefined design, enhanced by fluid movement through draped, layer styles and oversized fittings.

The new look is all about tailoring. Details such as tailored trousers with unusual pockets and pleating allow for a relaxed feeling.

Pieces have a retro look on the other side, with oversized collars and rounded sleeves for silk dresses. 1990s minimalism inspired slimmer proportions and tailoring, such as a waistcoat or relaxed trousers.

woman standing near concrete building

There are also several statement knits in the collection, which were inspired by 1970s-style graphic jacquards, landscapes and earthy textures. These have been reworked into vests or jumpers using modern techniques and sustainably sourced fabrics.

The collection includes a canary yellow faux fur clutch and other accessories such as structured leather bags and soft Teddy designs.

Limited quantities of the show collection are available at Cos stores only and www.cos.com.

Bureau Betak was also involved in the set design to make sure that the show is as sustainable as possible. Cos stated that all materials used in the set can be rented or donated. Event Cycle, which works with local charities to support education in schools, nurseries, special-needs groups, and other community groups, will donate the show stage, backstage carpets, and curtains.

Watch the full show below.