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Tommy Hilfiger, an American designer, and Hilfiger’s investment firm HV Advisors announced that the brand would partner with Elite World Group Virtual (EWG Virtual) to invest in virtual talent, experiences, and expand the organization’s reach.

EWG’s digital technology, emerging media, and EWG’s expertise in fashion will be used by the partnership. It is expected that this partnership will increase EWG’s presence on v-commerce and virtual content. The partnership combines Hilfiger’s expertise in fashion and entertainment with EWG’s Metaverse work. Together, they hope to transform the way brands interact with virtual talent.

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Hilfiger stated that she was excited to work with EWG Virtual to explore the future of virtual media technology and to increase the opportunities for brands, talent, and consumers to connect. “Virtual experiences have quickly become part of our normal,” Hilfiger said. “This allows us to interact more with one another, as well as with brands, consumer entertainment, pop culture, and celebrities.”

Jasmine Sanders, a model and influencer, was revealed as the brand’s first digital avatar. She was featured in an immersive fashion video while wearing digitised Hilfiger clothes. The film features a VR Sanders walking 3D virtual runways in order to demonstrate the capabilities of EWG’s technology.

Julia Haart, EWG’s CEO and coowner, said that she was thrilled to partner with Tommy and his company for the new virtual venture. “We both are passionate about inventing new business models and reinventing how things work.”

Virtual experience company Threekit conducted a survey and found that 60% of respondents felt more connected to brands that use VR and AR, which results in higher customer spending via virtual stores. Many luxury brands have already added similar features to their strategy.

woman wearing black VR goggles

Ralph Lauren launched a digital collection recently through Zepeto’s online avatar app. Other brands, such as Gucci and Burberry, have also implemented AR tools that allow shoppers to virtual try on their clothes.

Haart said, “By digitizing our models, athletes and musicians, we provide our talent with opportunities for their personal brands to expand and engage with their followers in new digital formats that will ensure their longevity in their careers.”