woman lying on bed with white Siberian husky

CyberJammies, a nightwear brand, has been named the top-growing ‘pandemic-era fashion e-commerce company in the UK.

The Lightning 50 was created by Brightpearl, a retail operating system. It tracked the growth of companies between 2019 and 2020 during the pandemic.

Au Vodka, a luxury alcohol brand based in Swansea, took the top spot on the list. CyberJammies came in at 10th overall.

This was because sales of loungewear and nightwear skyrocketed during pandemics, when comfort overtook formality in lockdowns.

woman lying on bed with white Siberian husky

The brand, which is based in East Anglia, saw a net growth of over 372 percent from year to year during that period. This was more than triple the 50 percent growth seen prior to the pandemic.

The brand, based in Essex, sells nightwear, pajamas and loungewear for children, men, and women. It is sold in more than 250 stores across the UK, USA, Europe, and Australia. Stockists include John Lewis, House of Fraser and Lipsy.

Brightpearl asked companies to submit their annual growth numbers for 2019-2025. Each brand was then ranked solely based on its net growth percentage.

The top two sectors that appeared in the most lists were ‘fashion’ (with a total of nine brands appearing in the top 50, or 36 percent), and ‘homewares (with a total of six brands in the top 50).

The Lightning 50 saw brands make more than 340m pounds in the span, with an average growth rate 518 percent.