woman in pink tube dress standing near black chair

David Gandy, a British model, is launching a fashion and lifestyle brand. It fuses fashion function and feeling and combines apparel and wellness.

David Gandy Wellwear was inspired by the 20-year industry experience of the model and will offer essentials that put the customer’s “emotional well-being” at the core. It is based on what he calls soft, comfortable clothing’s scientific benefits.

woman in pink tube dress standing near black chair

Gandy commented on the launch by saying in a statement that “Clothing can impact our confidence so I wanted to make a range that makes people feel secure and relaxed – one that makes people feel just as comfortable in their skin.”

“I feel sometimes that we humans have lost our emotional connection to clothing. So I decided to bring back fashion. You shouldn’t only look good, but you should feel good.”

Gandy will launch with a 20-piece unisex debut collection. It consists of nine core categories: T-shirts and sweat polos as well as joggers and sweatshirts. The collection also includes outerwear, luxury loungewear and accessories.

Gandy says, “I wanted to take out the stress of dressing at all levels, making it easy & approachable.”

David Gandy blends apparel and well-being for his eponymous label David Gandy Wellwear

David Gandy Wellwell takes a multi-sensory approach when designing clothes. He aims to make customers feel good by creating clothes that are comfortable, stylish, well-fitted, and high quality.

Gandy points out that touching smooth fabrics can increase psychological wellbeing and decrease negative emotions. His line will feature tactile, natural fabrics such as Pima cotton and lyocell that are all designed to ensure maximum softness in connecting with others’ skin.

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Gandy says that fabric constructions are also chosen for their natural functionality. She adds Gandy’s body temperature regulation and moisture-wicking to give you an extra layer of comfort. Wellwear is committed to bringing new fabric innovations to the masses. It uses technical techniques to enhance the physical wellbeing of its customers. They include anti-odour, antibacterial, and moisturising elements.

David Gandy Wellwear is committed to providing a warm hug with its loungewear collection

Wellwear’s essence lies in its belief in “emotionally durable clothing”. Every piece is designed to last both physically and emotionally, so that the wearer feels good when they put on a sweatshirt, t-shirt or pair of joggers.

Gandy says: “Most people associate me with tailoring, but I am naturally shy and I often wear it as a suit or armour when I know that I will be in the public eye at high-profile events. They don’t know the side I see, which is the most of my time. This is the time when I feel my best and most at ease in the daily. Being a father and raising my daughter, as well as walking miles with my dog and enjoying time with friends.”

“These situations call for a different wardrobe. One that is stylish and well-fitted, but also practical and gentle on my skin. I choose clothes that reflect my sense of security, happiness, and physical reinforcement through how they feel. This helps me to feel happier. I want clothes that feel just as good on my skin as they do in it.”

The 20-piece accessible-priced debut collection will include four everyday T-shirts in a variety of ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Heritage’ designs, along with two styles of sweatshirts made from a loopback knit that regulates body temperature.

Gandy also created the “ultimate Jogger”, which has side seam pockets and a matching jacket in an homage to authentic sportswear. The collection also includes outerwear and accessories in two colours, including a sweat bomber, a sweat gilet, and baseball caps.

woman in green shirt lying on gray couch

Gandy will also introduce premium sleepwear. These include pyjama shorts or pyjama pant/shorts in a relaxed fitting with button fly and side seam pockets. These pants can be worn by themselves or paired with the premium Pyjama T-shirt. To improve physical well-being during sleep, all have been treated using Wellwear Care properties.

Luxury loungewear will last. It will include a set of pant and T-shirt sets that are comfortable enough for sleeping, but fashionable enough to wear out and about.

David Gandy Wellwear launches October.