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After three years of development, Kylie Jenner will launch Kylie Baby, a brand that offers baby and kid care products that are safe, gentle, clean and conscious.

Kylie Baby launches four skincare and haircare products, three accessories, and a gift set. These products are only available on Kylie Baby’s new direct to consumer websites in the UK, US, France and Germany.

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Launch products include a lightweight, gentle, tear-free, and sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, that enhances curls, detangles all hair textures, and a gentle cleansing bubble-bath. Accessory items include a comb, a travel case, and a towel.

Kylie Jenner released a statement about the launch of her brand:

“Kylie Baby was my method of creating products that I could build from scratch to be exactly what my babies wanted. So that you can enjoy our tried-and-true formula favorites for your babies. Our bath time is our most special time together. I am proud of the products I created for Stormi, and all of you for your babies.”

boy sitting on floor

Andrew Stanleick, chief executive officer of Kylie Jenner Brands, said: “We look forward to launching Kylie Baby. This is a new category for us, and one that Kylie loves so much. It was truly a labor of love to create Kylie Baby’s product line. We made sure that the formulations were vegan and clean. They are safe for children of all ages, including babies.”

Kylie Baby prices start from 17 Pounds / 17 US Dollars