man in black long sleeve shirt and black pants carrying black dumbbell

Alex Bowen, a former Love Island model and star has teamed up with athleisure brand Gym King to create a limited edition six-piece performance collection.

The Gym King x ABX Collection combines the brand’s most popular performance silhouettes like drop sleeve vests and muscle fit T-shirts with knit panel shorts. It also reflects Bowen’s everyday gym wear by featuring a 1/4 zip funnel training shirt, T-shirts, and joggers.

man tying his shoes

This high-performance collection includes pieces made of breathable, sweat-resistant, and quick-drying fabrics. Bowen’s thumbprint is also included in the design.

Alex Bowen, who joined forces with Gym King in creating the collection, stated that “When I think about Gym King the first thing that comes to my mind is loyalty. We have always looked out for one another and I wanted to put my stamp on the design.”

“A lot people who are on TV will release a collection that is not theirs, but they have put their name on it. For me, I wanted to make a design people can recognize as mine. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how we would incorporate it. When I was designing, I asked if anyone had lipsticks. I printed my thumbprint to answer the question and then said “print that!” Although it was a spontaneous idea, it turned out to be really cool.”

Bowen has been part of Gym King’s journey from the beginning. He was pre-Love Island’s model debut in Gym King’s first campaign shoot in 2015. In addition to his full-time job as a scaffolder, Bowen also worked full-time as Gym King’s scaffolder. Since leaving the villa, he has collaborated with the brand in numerous social media campaigns.

Bowen shared his favorite piece from the collaboration and said: “The funnel 1/4 Zip is the style I love the most, but all the pieces in the collection make you feel and look great. Many fitness brands make clothing that doesn’t flatter your body. We have carefully considered the fit, fabric, and textures.”

man in black long sleeve shirt and black pants carrying black dumbbell offers the Gym King x ABX collection in sizes XS to XXL. Prices start at 19.99 pounds and go up to 44.99 pounds.