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Nicholas Kirkwood, luxury footwear designer, launches aftercare and repair services for The Restory in the UK as well as globally. The brand has partnered with The Restory, a luxury aftercare company that allows its customers to prolong the lives of their shoes.

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Nicholas Kirkwood x The Restory offers customers a variety of aftercare services, including re-heeling, cleaning, and leather restoration and repair. This service will be offered through Farfetch Platform Solutions and the Nicholas Kirkwood website.

Vanessa Jacobs, founder and chief executive officer of The Restory said in a statement that “Nicholas Kirkwood has been one of the most recognizable brands of the past decade and we are thrilled for our partnership to power their aftercare. Trusted aftercare plays a critical role in sustainability. We are grateful to Farfetch’s partners for helping to make aftercare an integral part the fashion experience.”

Nicholas Kirkwood said: “We couldn’t be more excited about being partnering with The Restory in helping give new life to our shoes. We will continue to choose the highest quality and most durable materials in our efforts to be sustainable. With the added goal to find new natural and biodegradable alternatives to virgin and derivate plastics, we also aim to keep our commitment to sustainability. We hope to give new life to the most beloved shoes of our clients with The Restory’s help.”