purple flower on blue denim shorts

American denim brand Lee announced its new advertising campaign LeeOriginals. It was created to honor the brand’s “trailblazing spirit.”

The campaign was created in collaboration with Mark Seliger (photographer and creative director), and aims to highlight the brand’s ongoing support for trailblazers. The brand stated that it selected the campaign’s team based upon their messages and “original” personalities.

person in blue denim jeans and brown leather boots holding black and white bottle

Brigid Stevens (senior director of marketing at Lee US), stated in a press release that “This campaign embraces optimism and authenticity” and was aimed at encouraging people to be optimistic, authentic, and persistent. Arianne and Mark are excited to work together. “Originality has always driven creativity and innovation, and it is what we love about working with them.” Lee’s unique ability to celebrate and capture the individuality and personality of each cast member is reflected in their ability to do so.

The campaign also features rising stars in the industry such as Quannah Chasinghorse, an Indigenous model, American model Levi Dylan and Annahstasia Enuke, a Nigerian-American singer. Each star has their own video, which highlights their views on originality. The pieces are featured on Lee’s dedicated page.

Mark Seliger stated, “Working with Lee was a perfect mixture of modernity and tradition.” “We chose our cast based on their personalities and how they reflect our style. We wanted to find a common thread and then let these incredible people do the rest.”

purple flower on blue denim shorts

The digital campaign can now be accessed online through Lee’s social media platforms as well as YouTube. A curated experience will be offered in select neighborhoods throughout New York City by the brand.