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Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s creative Director, is combining Parisian couture and Scotch whisky to create a limited-edition Balmain x Chivas XV Collection.

Chivas XV’s 15 year-old blended Scotch whisky brand Chivas XV has two limited-edition bottles designed by Rousteing. They are meant to show “Balmain’s bold outlook on fashion alongside Chivas’ disruptive approach to Scotch,” Chivas stated in a press release.

clear drinking glass with ice cubes

The first drop will launch on October 5. It is a limited edition, individually numbered gold bottle. It features metallic armour and chains that pay homage to Balmain’s runway designs. Balmain’s iconic silhouette is brought to life in the second bottle, which features a symmetrical design with belts and chains that are directly inspired by recent collections.

Rousteing commented on the collaboration by saying in a statement that “just like Balmain, Chivas adhered to the highest standard with neither house being afraid of pushing boundaries or breaking with outdated conventions.”

The signature motif of Balmain’s universe is the oversized, golden chain. Those who are already familiar with it will notice that it includes this unique collaboration. “This eye-catching accessory has been a symbol of the rebellious spirit of the inclusive Balmain Army, which I have included in all my collections. It is a bold symbol that both Chivas as well as Balmain love.”

Chivas and Balmain have collaborated on billboards to celebrate the launch. A fashion film will follow the Balmain Army as it travels through the night.

Balmain x Chivas XV will also gift the Balmain Army a Balmain x Chivas XV bag designed by its accessories team. Balmain x Chivas XV will host a series pop-up bars that offer a selection of cocktails at selected fashion weeks. Dates and locations to be announced.

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The Balmain x Chivas XV Collection drops October 5, at 149 pounds. The second drop will retail at 72 pounds.