person in black pants and brown leather shoes standing on rock

Canada Goose, an outerwear brand, has launched the Live in the Open campaign to promote its first footwear collection. It stars Romeo Beckham, Sarain Fox, and Jordin Tootoo, Indigenous representatives.

The brand’s first venture in footwear since the acquisition of Canadian footwear label Baffin in 2018, its new shoe range was just unveiled. Two styles are available for women and men, each with a design that is similar to its popular outerwear pieces.

person in black pants and brown leather shoes standing on rock

The Snow Mantra Boot is the shoe version. It has a waterproof construction that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The shoe’s label states that it provides comfort and practicality. The second option, called the Journey Boot, was inspired by the classic hiking boot. It is an essential piece, offering flexibility and stabilisers.

Dani Reiss (the president and CEO) stated that Canada Goose Footwear’s launch is “one of the most important milestones in our six-decade-long history.” “We are offering a new perspective on the category by balancing luxury and performance – which is the ultimate expression for our lifestyle brand.”

Each person featured in the campaign was chosen to tell a specific story. Romeo Beckham is the second son of football legend David Beckham. He was chosen as his career moves towards professional football. In addition, Sarain Fox, an Indigenous artist, represents motherhood, the power of women and Jordin Tootoo, a former NFL star, focuses on the definition and meaning of “home” for Indigenous people.

Canada Goose Footwear will launch its collection on November 12th. Both boot styles will be available in all 35 Canada Goose stores worldwide, as well online and through select wholesale partners.