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Welcoming to October, a month most Americans view as one long celebration of pumpkins. The Sun, Mars, and Mercury Rx are in Libra. This week’s new moon is also in Libra. This is a party that only Libras can host. It involves inviting people you don’t want to be there and pretending everything will work out as long as everyone has a good meal and a lot of nostalgic conversation.

Well, as Mercury-ruled Lauryn Hill once sang “everything is everything” and things will all work out – but, how they work out is anyone’s guess. Even though they aren’t that significant, Mercury retrogrades can be a difficult time for many people. Mercury’s October 3rd trine to Jupiter gives us a sense of how our big dreams can and should guide us. Perhaps it is true. Maybe all we need to do is be dedicated. However, Mars in Libra will be combust on the New Moon of the 6th and form an unfavorable aspect to Uranus. It is easy to become frustrated when your efforts don’t seem to be making a difference or when your gentle optimism is being stifled by naysayers.

brown and white printed textile

It is important to remember that not everything you do will work for everyone else. There are people out there who go above and beyond the ordinary every day. There are also humans whose families and lives were once completely impossible to imagine. Hours after the new moon, Pluto stations directly reminding us that the structures around which we have built our lives were not meant to last. Each of us has the ability to reimagine our lives, not only in the present, but also in the future. Venus moves under the Sagittarius stars the next day. This is a relief that flows through us and allows us to have a good time, especially when we aren’t able to cry. This is the chance to be more serious about play than you are about work.


Contrasting energy can be a blessing, just like the conditions for a great venture. You have the chance to see things from a different perspective and to refine your plans. Opposing energy can test your ability to learn from your mistakes and increase your investment. The new Libran moon this week is conjunct Mars, the Sun, and your ruling planet. It’s not just a phrase that comes to mind; it’s also a constant reminder in the room. A win in this instance is less about fighting other people and more about fighting to protect what you have. Do you feel ready to give up one type of win in order to make way for another?


You feel the urge to break free from any limiting agreements you have made with the world. You take steps to end what does not fit your vision of yourself. The Jenga blocks are pulled out and the tower will fall if it falls. Sometimes it works in a completely different way. Sometimes, the work you do works for you. From a routine task, what begins to be a daily chore becomes a ritual. Even though it seems endless, even if you feel underpaid or underappreciated you are coming alive in ways you could not have anticipated or planned. This way of life can be unexpected and it can be difficult to accept. It’s good to know that you don’t have to fear the difficult way.


Being a mutable sign is all about how you interact with others, and what you learn from them. You get deep pleasure from intellectual and interpersonal interaction. It’s also a source for energy and inspiration. Your ruling signs’ retrogrades in Libra and the conjunction of the new moon to Mars in Libra can make it more difficult for you to connect with others. This can be particularly frustrating if you feel the same feeling between yourself and your creative partner. Sometimes, creating something beautiful together can be difficult. Remember what your heart knows already: The creative magic between two or more people can be made even more powerful when each person has the space and time to discover their uniqueness.


Although new moons can be energizing, the proximity of Mars in Libra to this moon has the potential to dampen your efforts and cause a lot more irritation. Mercury Rx is not a remedy. Mental suffering is common for Cancer-rising people whose 12th houses are ruled by Mercury. The stars are not a sign of doom and gloom. Instead, stars help us to see what we are feeling and remind us what we know. Be gentle with yourself in the coming weeks and be open about your social limitations. Waiting until you are able to offer your full self is the best way for someone else to be present.


The Sun is the influencer to all influencers. He knows it’s all in who you know. Libra season is a great time to reflect on the relationships you have been building. This isn’t a prompt to social climb – although it is a good idea. It’s about making an honest inventory of all the relationships you have made in the past year. This includes the ones that you are drawn to nurture and those you take for granted. It doesn’t matter if we don’t look for something in others, or if there isn’t anything to gain from a friendship built on only the past. Is it not possible to hold on to that friendship if you aren’t ready to let go of a part of yourself? Do you find it reciprocal? Does it enrich you?


I am sure that you are more aware than others that Mercury is in retrograde. This is because Mercury has such an influence on you. Your awareness may be what allows you to weather Mercury hiccups without becoming mercurial. There is no reason to be unhappy about plans being changed. Plans are constantly subject to change. As they say, you don’t need to be ready but you can stay prepared. Although flexibility may keep you calm, it doesn’t mean that you should compromise your goals. You don’t have to do everything in one go. Instead, focus on something larger. You can now invest more in the meaningful projects that have been on your mind. Perhaps you could bring in a trusted partner.


Happy Libra season, Libra. Do you find the scent of the air affirming your inner state? You’ve probably been through a lot in the past few months, which is a sign of a cardinal condition. It’s not fair to praise the strength it gave you. You know better than anyone that not all things are fair, and even those that seem unfair can still be beautiful. Living things in the northern hemisphere prepare for death. You know that death is both an ending and a beginning. However, people seldom say “this is the start” when they are letting go. People rarely think of a new moon being an ending. But what if they did? Imagine if you could feel the pull of loss in your heart every time you fear something new. Instead of gripping your chest and saying “it’s the end,” say “let it start.”


There is something about Venus in Scorpio which defies all expectations. Scorpio is known for his dislike of the obvious and love of extremes. Scorpio is not content with what’s available at the surface. Scorpio is not satisfied with what’s readily available. You might notice that you feel a buildup in language as you approach the new moon, Libra, and that you are unable to communicate your feelings clearly. Remember that you don’t have to know everything. Talking your thoughts out loud might help you see the truth, or give you the insight that you have been searching for in the dark.


This Libra season, discomfort is a big topic. Learn how to deal with it and how it can be beneficial for you. It’s natural to avoid discomfort when possible, especially if one has the ability and means to choose what they are comfortable with. Sometimes discomfort is part of the experience, no matter which course you choose. You might find yourself in a situation where you have to communicate well with others, or in a group that has to accept you into a position you did not choose. Although you may be tempted to just wallflower your way out of it, you will find that the initial discomfort can lead to a sense of fulfillment with your current company and the role you are taking on.


Although you may not be known for being a people person, you are likely to have a good sense of how to connect with others and appeal to their needs. This week’s new Moon in Libra conjunct the Sun and Mars. You might discover that people or opportunities you thought were possible don’t actually work in reality. This doesn’t always spell disaster, Capricorn. Although it can be tempting to depend on social conventions implicitly, you will find that standing up for yourself is a much better way to achieve your goals. You can actually get clear about what you have to offer and what contributions you value from others.


No one said being a fixed sign was easy. But, Aquarius is the most likely fixed sign to follow the flow. Aquarians are more comfortable following the flow than other signs. Aquarians, like Scorpios, are excellent at being candid and yet invulnerable. They are also adept at riding the emotional waves without getting too wet. It’s a great look, but it can also be exhausting. Although it is a good idea to have your own flotation device and help others, this week’s survival strategy might require more teamwork. It might take more than one person in order to build a strong raft that can carry you from one stormy shoreline into the next.

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You can reclaim whatever you believe you owe someone, any collaboration you gave, or the consent you gave to a dynamic that doesn’t offer you what you want back. You’re more than allowed. Although Mercury retrograde is not the best time to propose, it’s an excellent time to improve on an existing proposal. Particularly when it comes to sexual relationships. To come to the table, however, might require a ceasefire, surrendering one’s weapons or weaponized grievances at your door. You’re invited here to let go of the power of your refusal. It’s amazing how satisfying it feels to say yes when it is true.