person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near

Asos, a fashion retailer, has announced new policies to assist those who are going through life-related health issues. On October 7, the policies became effective. Asos has over 3,800 employees worldwide. The policies are designed to decrease stigma and raise awareness.

person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near

The policies are open to all genders and circumstances. They cover pregnancy loss, fertility treatments, menopause, gender-reassignment surgery, and other health-related issues like cancer. Paid leave is available to those who are affected by health-related life events. According to the press release, the policy’s aim was to end “the taboos surrounding these issues” and allow people to take time off as needed.

Nick Beighton, the former CEO of the company, announced his resignation earlier this week. “All of life faces unexpected challenges and sometimes these can cause very difficult circumstances that force us to change our work practices or leave.”

The new policies allow for ten days of paid leave for women who experience pregnancy loss. This includes miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy as well as abortion. This leave is available to the person who was pregnant, their partner, and any pregnancy by surrogacy.

Individuals undergoing fertility treatment are entitled to five days of paid leave each cycle. This is so that the employee can attend the treatments and then recover. A partner of someone going through fertility treatment will also be granted the same amount of leave, as fertility treatments can often be very difficult for both mental and physical health. Asos stated that the organization will support any flexible scheduling.

Six weeks of paid leave is possible for health-related issues. Asos will offer the opportunity to work remotely and short-term leave for women going through the menopause.

Beighton reiterated his support for people who need time off. “We’ve created these new policies in order to reassure Asosers they will continue being supported, financially and personally, through those difficult times.” Beighton resigned from Asos on October 11. The company said it was the right time.