black and silver box mod beside black leather bifold wallet

Hugo Boss was able to grab the attention of its younger target audience with the launch of the second Boss x Russell Athletic capsule line. The brand achieved a total of 3.9 billion impressions with the physical collection that was presented in Milan’s baseball stadium.

Gigi Hadid and Irina Shayk were just a few of the well-known models who walked down the runway. The runway debuts included TikTok stars Khaby Lame, Trenten Merrill, Race Imboden, and Alica Schmidt, as well as Kpop star Big Matthew, athletes Alica Schmidt, Trenten, Race, and Trenten Merrill.

The brand carefully selected casting and viewers who have a strong online presence to ensure a strong social media presence. Lame, who has 113,000,000 followers on TikTok made an appearance to close out the show. This allowed Bosss to be the first fashion brand to be posted to his account. Avan Jogia, Chiara Ferragni and other popular creators documented the event on social media, increasing the visibility of the show.

Hugo Boss CEO Daniel Grieder stated, “This event is our benchmark” for the experience we deliver to customers all over the globe as of today. I am beyond excited to continue this journey with the team.”

The event attracted almost 4 billion people. 25 million engagements were achieved across social media channels and over 2.2 billion views on their #Bossmoves challenge. The number of people who interacted with the Boss Instagram account increased almost 1600%.

black and silver box mod beside black leather bifold wallet

The brand’s social media campaign offered fans the chance to win five NFT collegiate jackets. Dolce & Gabbana are among the leading fashion NFTs. Gabbana sold its own NFT collection recently for 6 million dollars. The brand has used it to connect with the “metaverse” and appeal to new audiences such as the younger generation on social media sites like TikTok.

The company’s Instagram campaign generated an amount of engagement before and after the event that helped to make the presentation popular. While the campaign’s fourteen creators showed off their outfits, the Boss x Athletic products were available for purchase.

Hugo Bosss presented its new strategy last month to investors and the general public. It highlighted its potential in casualwear, not just suits, and outlined its potential. Its new vision is reflected in the brand’s targeted campaign to Gen Z and millennial customers.

Grieder stated, “We are proving we are more than ready for this place in fashion industry in the future.”