womens white and silver peep toe pumps

Jimmy Choo announced a collaboration between Eric Haze, an artist, and Poggy, a fashion designer for an NFT piece.

The NFT will be up for auction on Binance NFT Marketplace. It features a digital sneaker that rotates against Haze’s signature writing. 8.888 mystery boxes, along with the NFT artwork will be available to purchase. A pair of sneakers will be hand-painted by the winner of the NFT auction.

The mystery boxes will be divided in four categories: one Jimmy Choo/Eric Haze LOVE 1000 glitter, 445 rare cards, 3,109 rare and 5,333 neutral cards. Each category represents scarcity. They will cost you 30 Binance USD or 13,672 Dollars, regardless of what’s in the mystery boxes.

A super-rare card buyer will be able to get a Jimmy Choo NFT design in the future.

All proceeds from the auction will go to the Jimmy Choo Foundation, which supports Women for Women International. This non-profit organisation focuses on supporting female survivors of war.

womens white and silver peep toe pumps

Haze is most well-known for his hand lettering. Poggy, on the other hand, is known for mixing streetwear and traditional wear. Their collaboration with Jimmy Choo brings a new style to the brand.

This isn’t the brand’s first collaboration. The trio recently released a street-art-inspired collection featuring unisex, men’s and women’s footwear.

Haze said in an interview with Jing Daily, “Jimmy Choo gave to me so much creative freedom at the beginning that when it was time to turn over creative assets to their production team, I also trusted the overall view so much that they were able to take liberties or follow new directions.”

The fashion industry is increasingly embracing NFTs. Gucci and Burberry both have their own NFT collections, as has Dolce & Gabbana’s collection was recently sold for 6 million dollars. Jimmy Choo’s entry into digital art is another confirmation that NFTs are becoming a prominent part contemporary fashion. The luxury house joins other large names in legitimizing it.

The auction will begin on October 20.