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Pinterest, a social media platform, has revealed a redesign of its platform experience for the “next Generation of Creators”. The new homepage features are designed to empower creators and include a monetisation program as well as more shoppable options.

The revamp will place creators at its core, allowing them to create high-quality content and also pay them with ‘Creators Rewards’, Pinterest’s first ever in-product monetisation program.

Pinterest will invest 20 million US dollars into its ‘Creator rewards’ initiative and other initiatives to support creators. These include micro-grants to creators who are passionate about bringing to life projects, such creating a wellness program or funding a new beauty line. Pinterest will also issue a series of engagement-based goals that are inspired by popular topics or new Idea Pin features. Creators will be eligible to earn money for meeting these requirements.

Aya Kanai, who is the Pinterest’s head for content and creator partnerships, was previously the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire US, stated in a statement that “while we have all enjoyed the benefits of social media over the past decade, it has left many of us feeling exhausted and drained. We recognize our responsibility to be the home of inspiration, and we are committed to changing things.”

“The launch is the next step in creating an entirely new network that is centered around inclusion, positivity, and true inspiration.”

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A redesign of Pinterest has many more options to watch, make, and shop

Pinterest’s recent redesign offers Pinners new ways to shop, watch and make creator content. The all-new watch experience is available on Pinterest’s redesigned home feed. This allows Pinners the ability to browse or watch for inspiration and ideas.

Similar to TikTok‚Äôs feed, the ‘watch’ feature allows users to scroll and view a fullscreen feed of Idea Pins content. The ‘browse tab is an evolution to Pinterest’s traditional inspiration feed that displays multiple images and videos. This new experience will be made available to Pinners who are located in markets that have Idea Pins available on iOS or Android, starting October 20.

Pinterest also introduces ‘Takes’, a new way to allow people to respond with their own Idea Pin to creators’ ideas. It states that this will enable creators to “build more meaningful engagement with their communities” and inspire action.

Pinterest launched a campaign called “Create Your Take” to launch ‘Takes.” Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Megan Thee Stallion and Nicola Coughlan will share an inspirational Idea Pin. This encourages Pinners and encourages them to take that idea and create their own take. This activation will take place in the US, Canada and UK between October 2021 to March 2022. It is available in France, Germany, Australia, Germany, and Australia.

Pinterest signs Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities to show off new features

Pinterest is making it more shoppable with Idea Pins now being able to connect with AR Try on, the augmented reality beauty try on. Creators can now tag their Idea Pins using a Try on sticker to add lip products. This allows Pinners the ability to shop and try on any of these products right from their Idea Pin. Creators will be able to access the new feature by selecting the Try on sticker. They can also search for over 10,000 Try-on-enabled product links that they can add to their Idea Pin.

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Creators have the option of making their Idea Pins shoppable by including shopping recommendations. Pinterest’s visual search technology uses the’shop similar’ feature to suggest Product Pins visually similar to the Pin content. This allows Pinners to shop what they see. Pinterest has launched visual search for video content with this feature.