brown leather satchel bag on gray concrete surface near green plant at daytime

British heritage leather manufacturer Tusting launched a line of unisex bags made from pre-loved Barbour coats and jackets. The Barbour Re-Loved collection in partnership with Tusting features three styles: a rucksack and a holdall. Each bag is unique and each bag comes with a unique number.

The project’s core is a “shared approach towards sustainable design,” which explains both heritage brands. All bags are “designed to last”, as they were made using patchwork panels made from Re-loved Barbour jackets at Tusting’s workshop, Lavendon, Buckinghamshire.

Paul Wilkinson is Barbour’s group marketing director. He said, “We are thrilled to work with Tusting on the exciting collaboration. These bags were made using wax cotton from Barbour jackets, which customers no longer need. Each bag is unique, sustainable designed, and built to last.”

Alistair Tusting is director of Tusting. He said: “We are so thrilled to be able share in this project avec Barbour to bring life to old garments, and make these truly original bags for them. This demonstrates the team’s ability use a variety of raw materials and rises to the Re-loved Challenge.”

Tusting is a fifth-generation family-owned leather goods business. It produces bags for Aston Martin and other luxury brands in the UK, as well as their own brand.

Barbour Re-Loved was introduced in 2019. Customers can return Barbour wax jackets they no longer use in exchange for a coupon to purchase a new Barbour jacket. The jackets returned are upcycled or repurposed to give them new life. They can then be sold to Re-Loved in another home.

Barbour’s Re-loved In Partnership with Tusting collection can be found in-store at Selfridges and Oxford Street, as well online at The prices range from 129 Pounds for the bag to 179 Pounds for the backpack to 249 Pounds for the carryall.

brown leather satchel bag on gray concrete surface near green plant at daytime