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Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, has launched allyLikes. This new platform offers fast fashion for European and American markets. It also competes directly with Shein, China’s fast fashion brand which has taken the West by storm.

The business models of both Shein and Amazon are strikingly similar. Shein’s portal targets customers outside China, offering new products every week at discounted prices. Shein, also known as the TikTok for e-commerce, has been the most downloaded app in America, surpassing Amazon and dominating Generation Z. The latest data may indicate that Shein could be listed on the stock exchange in the near future.

Allylikes offers everything, from affordable jewellery to readymade clothing with a leather jacket for just $30. The company ships to Europe including France, Italy, and the UK as well as the USA and Canada. You can access the app in many European languages including Spanish, French and Italian.

person using black tablet computer

Similar to fast fashion players, allyLikes is known for its speed at which new styles can be posted on its platform. It currently lists over 500 new styles every week. South China Morning Post reported that the platform is actively seeking influencers to help promote the brand.

Apple’s app store page allyLikes explains that you can refresh and update your wardrobe without spending a fortune. You will receive your order in two weeks. This means you don’t have long to get that trendy look.

Shein was the first to sell fashion to the West

Alibaba has seen Shein’s success in Europe and the US, and expanding its offer to the west market seems like a sensible step considering its technical and financial resources.

The project is still in the early stages of launch, with the latest app update taking place only four days ago. Sensor Tower data showed that app downloads have been less than 5,000 globally through the iOS App Store or Google Play since September. Shein had five million downloads, while Alibaba had two million.