Ganni, a Danish fashion label, plans to phase out leather by 2023. It will gradually eliminate it from its product range. This is despite the fact lambskin pieces make up one of Ganni’s most profitable and high-priced categories. Nicolaj Reffstrup, founder of Ganni, says that selling leather products is a highly profitable business, but will soon become obsolete like smoking on TV.

The Copenhagen-based brand has partnered with Vegea, an Italian manufacturer, to offer eight pairs shoes made from Vegea from grapes in order to achieve this goal.

“We are phasing out all leather by 2023 as it is incompatible with our efforts to minimize our impact from high levels of methane emission from livestock. Introducing Vegea, a plant-based substitute made from agricultural waste, is a step towards more responsible collection,” Reffstrup stated in a press release.

Ganni had previously struggled to find alternatives to traditional leathers because of quality concerns and high levels plastic content in the available materials. Vegea has been subject to rigorous testing and meets brand standards for durability and design. However, it contains a low percentage of plastic when compared to other market products.

Vegea is an innovative material that uses grape skins left over from winemaking, vegetable oil and natural fibers from agriculture. Left-over material is a way to prevent waste from going to landfills. The REACH compliant manufacturing process does not use any toxic chemicals, heavy metals, or other hazardous solvents. Vegea contains a high percentage of plant-based components, with 55 percent made up of a biocompound (vegetable oils and grapes), and 45 percent being water-based polyurethane.

Ganni has made a commitment to end the use of animal leather in ready-to wear clothing starting Spring/Summer 2022. This was a profitable segment for the brand. Ganni plans to phase out animal leather in shoes and accessories by 2023.

Vegea’s eight styles will be available on as well as at selected retailers starting in 2022. Prices have not yet been disclosed by the brand.