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Otrium, a fashion outlet marketplace, has partnered with Good On You, a sustainability rating platform, to show brands that are “going the extra mile when you come to sustainability.” It focuses on people, planet, and animal welfare for its three million members.

Otrium members will be able to choose a filter to display ‘Conscious brands and products, as rated by Good On You.’ This partnership uses publicly available information, including industry standards and brand reporting. Good On You offers ratings for nearly 3,000 brands.

Milan Daniels, Otrium’s co-founder, and chief executive, stated in a statement that: “We are committed to helping our members shop more conscious, giving our fashion-lovers a better online shopping experience, while making sure that every item of clothing is worn. Good On You’s partnership will increase visibility for millions of Otrium members, allowing them to easily find sustainable brands.

“It is essential that we work with external experts such as the Good On You team. With a purpose-driven vision of a circular fashion future for fashion, we are in the business helping fashion brands reduce their waste. As the world strives to create a sustainable future, there are many challenges ahead. We play an important role in helping brands reduce their waste by working with them.”

person using laptop computer beside aloe vera

Otrium introduces new brands and sustainable ratings for Good On You

Sandra Capponi, cofounder of Good On You, said: “It was natural to partner with Otrium. We already share so many values around making fashion lovers more conscious about their choices.”

Otrium helps customers find sustainable brands, and that is more than enough. If we all shop more sustainably and support brands that do good, we can inspire the rest of our industry to change and make a difference.

This news comes as Otrium adds new brand partners to its marketplace, which includes Adidas by Stella McCartney, Theory, All Saints, Joseph, Temperley, Alchemist, Closed. They join brands like Belstaff, Alex Chung and Karl Lagerfeld as long-standing partners.

The Amsterdam-based fashion market was created to solve the multi-billion-dollar industry problem of unsold inventory. Current production accounts for 12 percent, which is more than 200 billion US Dollars. The clothing that remains unsold in warehouses can end up in landfills, or even worse, it can be burned.

Otrium uses proprietary technology to work with fashion brands to find buyers for every piece of clothing. This helps to reduce the waste of clothing and allows brands of all sizes to set up an outlet store quickly through its managed marketplace.

This service has three million members. It offers a personalized off-price fashion experience, as well as discounts up to 75% on a variety of luxury and designer brands. From three logistics hubs in the UK, the Netherlands and the USA, the marketplace services more than 20 markets across Europe as well as the US.

Fashion marketplace reported that its revenues more than doubled by 2021. The company is also launching in the US this month.

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