black and silver camera on white textile

New York-based designer Brandon Blackwood founded his company in 2015. He rose to fame in 2020 when he designed a mini-tote that featured the words End Systemic Racism and Black Lives Matter. He donated a portion to legal representation for minorities, and his brand became one of the most sought-after. His purses have been worn by Kim Kardashian and Zoe Kravitz, as well as’s recent study that shows his purses make a tidy profit sitting in your closet. You can resell them for 100.4 percent more than your original investment, which is twice as much.

Luxury at resale is outclassed by indie brands

The UK-based price comparison site looked at 44 fashion brands, four product categories, and 13 colors to determine which designer purses would yield the highest returns. His bags have an 87.6% return on investment.

Dior, the first luxury brand of traditional luxury, is third on the list. It could make a 38.1 per cent profit on the purchase price. The Dior Book Tote, which comes in a variety of jacquards or embroidery options, has been a popular item since its 2018 launch. The handbags of Gucci, Burberry, and Balenciaga are the lowest on the list, which means, their value diminishes over time.

Handbags made of green materials have the highest resell values

Statement green is a color that’s associated with money. It’s no surprise that handbags made of this color can return 65.7 percent, making them potentially more profitable than other colors. With a possible return of 49.8 per cent, red bags are close behind. Silver is third with 42.9 per cent. Black is the fifth most sought-after color for resale. Yellow handbags can actually cost you more, as they sell for an average of 3 percent less than the original price.

black and silver camera on white textile