woman in white shirt wearing eyeglasses

Many of us have started to see our hobbies as something other than work over the last year. It wasn’t easy for me. It’s not easy because I get paid to write about Victoria Beckham’s favorite blush. This means that my work is often enjoyable. But, I’ve found that pigeonholes can lead to creative burnout, and content diversification helps.

If I clock out, I’m usually on Instagram or TikTok with the kids. My job is not limited to ASMR food videos and Twitter memes. Most of what I am drawn to is fashion and beauty.

I also follow major bloggers and style publications. With the growth of Instagram, I have noticed that many of the Instagram creators and influencers I follow now bleed into my professional life. More to the point, influencers have a point of view on fashion and beauty, and sometimes, the one that’s not their choice field is more appealing.

Recently, I spoke to Marianna Hewitt about her content. It is a mixture of fashion and beauty. It’s becoming more skewed towards the former, I noticed. This is partly due to her followers wanting to see everything she wears. She explains that while they might view you as an expert in a particular area of life, they will also see you as a follower of your lifestyle and can trust your judgment and appreciate your taste. Beauty influencers are now sharing more of their lifestyles, and fashion girls are sharing their beauty routines.

Many influencers agree that content creativity is fueled by aesthetics. “Fashion trends influence beauty trends,” says Sivan Ayla (a California-based brand founder and creator who wrote a book about how to become an influencer.) “Green had a big moment this summer and I was all of the sudden targeted by green eyeliner ads everywhere on Instagram. My beauty content is distinct from my fashion and accessories content. However, it’s always within the same aesthetic, so it all works together in a cohesive manner.”

woman in white shirt wearing eyeglasses

Hailey Bieber talked to us about her thoughts on the relationship between how she do her hair and makeup in a recent interview. She explained that her makeup routine is simple. She uses concealer, highlighter, blush, and brow gel only. Fashion is more experimentation, while beauty is minimalism.

Experts in fashion industry say beauty is always a part of the whole. It’s not about being bare-faced or wearing a low bun. It’s all about being mindful. Stylist and influencer Michelle Li put it well, calling makeup “an accessory” that can “elevate an outfit,” but also might distract from it. Li stated that sometimes I find myself thinking, “Oh man, this look looks complicated and crazy enough that it’s best to keep the makeup simple,” in her recent profile on Into The Gloss. “So I have to choose between a full-on look or not.”

My own feed might show me how I shop for jeans based on Hewitt’s recommendation, Bieber as an example of how to style my hair, and Li’s Swipe up for a face mask. As with all things, we are fluid, merging, and constantly evolving, so nothing is exclusive.