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Social media allows for endless inspiration and makes it easy to find fashion trends that go viral across all platforms. We have identified the top five trends that have dominated the fashion industry in recent years. What is their commonality?


There are many trends from the early 2000s: micro bags, low-rise jeans, bright colours, and skinny sunglasses. They’re all back in full force. The trend was popularised by Gen Z. It features iconic designs from the start of the millennium combined with modern details. Cut-outs and ruched trims have been seen on tops, bottoms, and outfits that combine technology obsession and futuristic inspiration. Gen Zers are taking a look back at what was popular when they were young and reintroducing key styles and items. This trend is closely tied to the rise in vintage and preloved fashion. Customers can tap into this style without having to sacrifice their sustainability credentials or budget.

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The nap dress

The nap dress is at the opposite end of the spectrum. This line of dresses was designed by Hill House Home and has seen many iterations in different retailers. It was originally cut in a midi length and features a smocked bodice with ruffle sleeves, tiered skirt, and a tiered waist. This is a lightweight and easy option that you can throw on any time of day. The easy style is proving to be a huge hit this summer. It comes in many colours, patterns, and lengths, including a mini white and a maxi floral version. It is suitable for all ages, and customers love its breezy style.

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According to The Sole Supplier the demand for Crocs has increased 210 percent from 2020. This puts Crocs on the radar of celebrities and designers alike. Questlove was the musical director for this year’s Oscars. Justin Bieber and JadenSmith wore a pair of Crocs to the Academy Awards. Balenciaga also partnered with Crocs to create a special Crocs collection. What’s the latest success story? Nicki Minaj’s pink pair. Crocs were also a hit during lockdown, providing a simple and comfortable way to relax and do any necessary errands. They have stayed put this year and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Bright checks

Retro-inspired checks were seen on the runway at many brands. From Acne Studios’ plush scarf to Prada’s colorful midi skirt, to Acne Studios’ plush scarf, all have been seen. Ganni’s rainbow-colored checks are a hit on social media, as well as Baum Und Pferdgarten’s patterned pieces. These modern plaid prints are a modern version of the classic plaid print. They can be found on large trousers and smocked tops brightening any clothing item they are attached to. This trend was most popular in the autumn, but has now seamlessly moved to spring with lightweight tops or camis.

Sets of co-ords

Co-ord sets are a popular choice because of their lockdowns and the comfort they provide, and have been a hit in 2020. Google data has shown that searches for loungewear sets increased by 223 percent last March. They are still popular in 2021 because they offer comfort and a sleek silhouette that can be worn from the sofa to a night out. They can be dressed up with heels or a blazer and are versatile enough to be mixed and matched to make endless combinations.

woman in yellow tracksuit standing on basketball court side