blue denim jeans on black surface

Trendstop gives our readers a glimpse at the key menswear trends from Spring Summer 2022. Material that can “do more” are becoming increasingly popular as customers seek exceptional performance and style without compromising their aesthetic preferences. New fabric blends allow the best qualities of a material, such as their inherent properties, to be combined to create a variety of materials that are optimized for comfort and practicality.

Hemp Denim

Hemp denim is a key development in the effort to make denim more sustainable. Hemp blends are a lower-impact alternative to cotton. They require less water and pesticides than cotton. Raw state colours are available in unbleached or undyed finishes to highlight the material’s soft structure and natural handle. This is in keeping with the eco-ethos.

blue denim jeans on black surface

Tech Silk

Luxurious silks are interwoven to combine fashion and performance. The fluid handles have a shiny sheen and are impregnated with performance properties. This enhances their durability and complements hybrid fashion styles. They can also be used across multiple categories of apparel for additional flexibility.

Showerproof Leathers

Showerproof finishes enhance the leather’s inherent qualities and expand their functionality. The skin is tough, durable, and long-lasting, while the fine, smooth, fine-grained texture retains its premium quality appeal. It also provides additional protection from the elements for their wearer., one of the most respected trend forecasting agencies worldwide for creative professionals and fashion designers, is renowned for its accurate trend analysis and forecasts for H&M, Primark, Forever 21 Zalando, Geox, Evisu, Hugo Boss, L’Oreal, and MTV.