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Although it’s October’s end, the Scorpio season is becoming more intense. Mars returned to Scorpio, his underworld home, following Saturday’s square aspect between Saturn in Aquarius and the Sun in Scorpio. Apparitions are expected between the veils. Time is not linear. We know that apparitions exist on both sides, including ancestors and ghosts as well as past selves and ex-girlfriends. The natural and supernatural can feel the same for Mars in Scorpio. Scorpio’s Mars is able to tune into the subconscious of will, which is the psychic power one has through their own influence. We rekindle our connection to the darkness as the days get shorter. Our days are reshaped and we can see the way that our communication and agreements naturally flow towards new possibilities. If we wish, Monday’s trine of Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius could be the key to securing the deals. You become more aware of how words can make something more real. Self-affirmation can also be called spell work.

Monday brings an inconjunct aspect, which is the Sun in Scorpio and Chiron (Aries). This is a reminder that although words can have great power, it can be hard to use that power if we have been taught not to fear them. Fear can take many forms. It may be as simple as not asking for what you want or agreeing to what you don’t. These feelings can be heightened by Mars’ transit through Scorpio, which can encourage obsessive behaviour and increase anxiety. Scorpios are proud of their ability to perceive and *know* others. This week is a great time to remind yourself that dominoes are not the same as seeing people for who they really are.

Mercury in Libra, which is still under the retrograde shadow until November 3, manages to square Pluto in Capricorn and then turns into the clear. Avoid secret tests, especially in response to the communication breakdowns Mercury Rx could have brought up. It’s crucial to only learn as much as you can about Thursday’s opposition between Uranus and the Sun in Taurus. Particularly in relationships, where some truths can shake the foundation. Use the detective energy you have: Dig up a time capsule, read a mystery novel, and uncover a money-making scheme. Variations of this last option will receive a lot of support as Venus moves into Capricorn Friday the 5th, and Mercury enters Scorpio on the 6th.

shallow focus photo of calendar mounted on white wall


Scorpio is where Aries Mars officially touched down. While it might not be coming home, you will feel the sweet relief of Mars returning home to a sign that he loves. Mars may be at home, but that doesn’t mean it will take it easy. Scorpio is where Mars’s driven nature becomes a little more obsessive, and even more secretive. Mars is driven to find the truth, but often only wants it one way. He sets up tests to confirm his knowledge and limits his chances of learning something new. Here, Mars is all-in or ambivalent to a fault. Pay attention to where these energies reside in your body and what they eat. What if you gave them something outside of your own life? You know, like mystery novels, bird watching, and ancestral research?


Venus, the ruling planet, can have fun in Sagittarius. However, it’s also prone to overextend because it can be difficult to refuse a chance to learn something new. Venus will be able to slide under the stars in Capricorn on Friday and get to work tidying up and making sure that there is enough time and space for whatever you have called in. It would be a good idea to set a limit (hahahaha) on any new agreements and to spend some time reflecting upon the experiences that you have had and how they have affected you. Acknowledgement is key to making change happen. Then, witness. This is a transformative time in your life, and you don’t want to go through it on your own.


The final days of Mercury’s shadow period will feel like a plane’s final descent after a long wait to be allowed for landing. Although the angle may not be perfect and there will be air pressure issues, feeling the right direction will help you get through it. If Saturday’s unpleasant aspect between Mercury, Neptune and Mercury caused disillusionment or disappointment over a potential dream opportunity, Monday’s trine of Mercury to Jupiter will help you remember that every door can be opened. It’s distracting, even though obsessing about what you owe or what’s gone before is a good Scorpionic pastime, especially when Pluto’s involved. Gemini, pay attention! There’s a new gate waiting for you.


Living in a Capitalist World may lead you to believe that your creative power is not being used to create a better life for you. You might find yourself working alongside the market to produce what valuable magic you have. You will be asked many times to choose between what gives you pleasure and security and what you consider sacred. There are two choices: what is marketable and what is marked as the other. Cancer, these dichotomies don’t capture the full potential of your creative force. You will be enriched by the longer story.


When going through a Big Change it’s tempting to make it larger – to completely change everything and start over. This is to avoid letting a part of your past influence the future you have built and causing you to lose track. It’s your right, of course, to make changes, to quit a job or to distance yourself from any person who reminds you about a person you don’t identify with. Before you give in to your heart’s desire to make a big change, think about whether this instinct comes from old patterns or new ones. Although it’s easier to destroy a bridge than to fix it, the simple way can cause you to be in trouble for the future. Particularly if the bridge is important.


It is true that Mercury is still retrograde until November 3rd. That means that Saturday’s uneasy aspect between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces could have thrown a wrench in the mix, especially if it is negotiations between you or someone you are in a relationship. There’s something to be done for being a mutable Earth Sign ruled by Mercury. You are usually the first one to notice a wrench, so grab it and return it to the toolbox. Mercury forms a flowing trine with Jupiter in Aquarius Monday, opening the door to a new agreement that will provide you with many opportunities to connect and collaborate. Although it might seem counterintuitive, if you don’t allow your pride to get in the way of what you want, you will get it.


There are times in life when taking a step back can be a gift of grace. When clarity surfaces, it is like a reflection on a river’s water surface. Sometimes, this kind of retreat is not possible. Our most transformative moments often require our attention. You can now leave Saturday’s unpleasant aspect between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces behind and move on to the best mode for you. This will allow you to live your life and work (and live) in your own way, regardless of how others might perceive it. Your best and most experienced guardian is you. You teach others how you take care of yourself.


It’s another week under the stars of Scorpio, and another week of Scorpions yearning for attention and fear. It can be difficult to get what you want. You have to own your desires and open the door to disappointment and expectation. Mars in Scorpio, a Mars-like character, enters that door and begins to work. He is determined to get your heart’s desires as secretly and as steadfastly possible. While it’s important to keep your cards close, there is also something to being able to recognize that life isn’t a game. There are infinite cards, and no one can predict the types of hands others will play. You can plan if you want, but don’t forget to leave room for surprises. You might be moved by it.


A fire sign, Sagittarius is known for being a seeker of new adventures and a penchant to enjoy them. Venus’ final days in Sagittarius make it a great time to learn appreciation and gratitude. You have small, gentle pleasures this week if you allow yourself to be still and observe them. Then, you can enjoy them. Venus in Sagittarius enjoys stimulation, engagement and playful rituals. She also loves odd jobs that pay well. If you see the chance to do these things, don’t hesitate. Monday’s trine of Mercury in Libra and Jupiter Aquarius sweetens things, potentially filling your pockets or securing a job that you have been dreaming about.


Anyone who’s ever spent the time to get to know a Capricorn knows that they are not conservatives as you think. Some people mistake Capricorn’s strict reins on their projects for being stuffy. Despite being more used to being misunderstood than others, Scorpio season can cause feelings of alienation. This is especially true after the square between Saturn in Aquarius and the Sun in Scorpio. These feelings will continue to echo throughout the week and may peak when Pluto in Capricorn squares Mercury in Libra on Tuesday. Remember: It doesn’t take you to prove anything to anyone. Being known is a powerful desire, but to witness someone, to really see them, is also a gift. You may not be able to give that gift to everyone. It is not possible for everyone to do it.


Saturday’s tension square between Saturn In Aquarius and the Sun in Scorpio could cause you to have some issues with your self-esteem, particularly when it comes down to your reputation. This week is a good week to reflect on your expectations and be realistic about them. Are they realistic? How often do we acknowledge and celebrate the good work that you have done? Mercury in Libra’s retrograde shadow will help you if your sense of accomplishment seems a bit cloudy. Keep a running log of your memories, week by week, up to Libra New Moon in Oct., and take the time to write down all the details.


Mercury’s unfavorable aspect to Neptune on Saturday will cast a shadow over your week, particularly with Mercury in Libra still under shadow mode until Thursday. You don’t have a shadow over you like Bonnie Tyler. You don’t have to waste too much energy trying to find common ground with everyone, no matter how skilled you may be at maintaining peace. Sometimes, peace can only be achieved internally. It’s possible to regain your time and light by focusing some of your mental space on defining what you want to do – and with whom – so you can identify when you are being compromised.