2 women in black coat standing in front of glass wall

Conceptual knitwear brand A. Roege Hove, which made an impressive Copenhagen Fashion Week debut in August, has won Denmark’s Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize.

This prize, Denmark’s largest award for fashion design, recognizes emerging design talent. The finalists this year included the sustainable Danish fashion brand (Division), founded by Nanna Wick and Simon Wick, Paris-based emerging Danish designer Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard and Berner Kuhl, menswear designer.

An international jury of industry professionals evaluated the finalist’s collections and business ideas. They were judged on design talent, innovation and creativity. The jury expressed their appreciation for A. Roege Hove’s work.

After having worked at top Danish brands like Cecilie Bahnsen and Mark Tan as a textile designer, Amalie Roge Hove founded A. Roege Hove. With its unique and artistic approach to knitting, the label has won the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize. This will boost the brand’s international standing.

Amalie Roege Hove commented on her win by saying: “What a honor! The majority of my time in the studio is spent with my small team, in our own world. It was incredibly moving to meet the jury members face-to-face, to see their reactions to the work, and to be with them. It was something I didn’t expect. It was a great feeling to see their reactions to my designs.”

2 women in black coat standing in front of glass wall

“The fashion industry is fast-paced, so it’s rare to have the time to dig in and learn as a designer. This is what I will use the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize money for: to invest in our products. It makes me so happy. It was an incredible day.”

A. Roege Hove is the winner and takes home 300,000 Danish Krone to help grow its business. A. Roege Hove also receives 50,000 Danish Krone as a reward for being the first winner of the public vote.

Nina Wedell Wedellsborg, the founder of the prize and a board member of Wessel and Vetts Foundation said that she was amazed at the quality and variety of entries this year: “It has been one of the most challenging competitions I have ever seen. A. Roege Hove is a joy to me.”

“There was always a lively and healthy debate in the jury room. Everyone agreed that A. Roege Hove was the best because of her original design, genuine drive to succeed in business, and commitment to sustainability. It gives me immense hope to see young designers seize the opportunity to make a difference.”

Federica Marchionni (chief executive of Global Fashion Agenda), was on the jury panel. She said: “It is an honor to be part of the jury for the Prize. I have been overwhelmed by the number of entries. Designers not only make us feel beautiful, but also make us feel good. Designers have the power to influence the world, but also the responsibility of designing for the good of all people and the planet. It was difficult to choose a winner with such a high standard. However, A. Roege Hove was exceptional in her creativity and awareness of sustainability.”

In recognition of their mutual effort and participation, all finalists were awarded 10,000 Danish Krone. They will also receive mentorship from the Wessel and Vett Foundation and be guided by a select jury member to help them in their future endeavors.