person in black hoodie jacket

Soul of Nomad, a fashion house, has created a NFT-tied hoodie in collaboration with Gennadiy Golovkin, a boxer.

The limited edition Soul of GGG Lifestyle Collection includes the NFT. It is a tribute to professional boxer Golovkin. Soul of Nomad also collaborated with digital platform Real Items to authenticate the NFT. The Soul of GGG Hoodie is the first item in this collection. It comes with an exclusive NFT.

The hoodie, which is intended to be a collectible item, comes in Soul of Nomad’s signature Black NightRider Black. It also includes wolfpack lining, and a mini-book signed Golovkin.

The NFT and hoodie have both technological and physical aspects. The NFT QR code can be attached to the hoodie. The customer can scan the QR code upon receipt of the hoodie and claim or verify the NFT via Real Item’s online platform.

Soul of Nomad founders Ashina Son, Nargiza Mashuri said that “this is an important strategic milestone” “We are thrilled to be the first fashion house that offers an NFT component powered by Real Items from the Polygon Network to all of our collections moving forward.”

The NFT can be tied to any physical object, creating a ‘phygital item’ and a unique digital ID.

“NFTs don’t exist as abstract digital collectibles. These are vehicles that will help bring about a renaissance in the commerce industry. NFTs are exciting because they can augment the physical universe – in this instance, Soul of GGGs limited-edition hoodie – with a deeper layer of exclusivity and interactivity.”

Soul of Nomad is among the brands that have released their first NFT. Ray-Ban recently launched its first NFT glasses, in collaboration with Oliver Latta and Clinique. As brands see digital fashion as the future, it is becoming more popular.

person in black hoodie jacket