aerial view of green trees

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is raising awareness in the fashion industry about the importance of sourcing materials sustainably managed forests.

The world’s largest forest certification organization, PEFC, will be participating in the IAF’s 36th World Fashion Convention. This is to highlight the importance of responsible and verified forest-based material sourcing, from textile fibres such as viscose, natural rubber, and acetate to packaging. The fashion industry can transform its environmental impact by sourcing from certified forest forests that are sustainably managed.

PEFC supports and encourages fashion retailers and brands to make responsible purchasing decisions, based on sustainable forest management around the globe. The fashion industry has a lot of potential to be sustainable with natural and renewable wood-based products. However, they must source responsibly from a sustainable source, as evidenced by the PEFC chainof custody certification mechanism.

aerial view of green trees

PEFC certification provides fashion retailers and brands assurance that man-made cellulosic fibers, packaging, and timber have been responsibly sourced from healthy forests that are being managed sustainably. This helps to combat climate change and support biodiversity. Brands and retailers can rely on third-party verification that suppliers are not contributing towards illegal logging or deforestation, and they have also been verified by independent experts.

The PEFC whitepaper “Fashions Change, Forever” explains how sustainable forest management and the shift to responsibly sourced, certified forest-derived products play an important role in fashion retailers and brands meeting their climate change commitments. The paper also contains details about PEFC’s current position and roadmap for a more sustainable future. This outlines how PEFC helps retailers to increase their business resilience and meet their climate goals. You can download the whitepaper here.

“We are looking forward to working with fashion retailers and brands, helping them maximize their impact through sustainable forest management. We can all make a difference together for the future fashion industry, forests and the planet.” says Ben Gunneberg is the CEO of PEFC International.

Roadmap for PEFC Collaboration – Five Steps to 2025

Retailers and brands have a critical role. They are the final decision-makers in sourcing and directly impact the supply chain. You can make a difference by establishing responsible procurement policies for wood-based products, such as fibres, textiles, packaging materials, and store fixtures. These policies will require that they source only sustainably managed forests. Working directly with suppliers is another way to support and engage them in becoming certified. This will allow them to meet the brand’s responsible purchasing policies. Brands can also get involved in targeted projects that support forests and communities.

The PEFC Collaboration Roadmap was created to assist retailers and brands in understanding the steps they can take to ensure that their business supports sustainable forest management.