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The two worlds of Byronesque, a contemporary vintage brand, and Machine-A, a London-based concept store, have combined to create a new retail universe that specializes in curated designer goods.

Machine-B is an online-offline space that brings together a collection of archival pieces as well as a selection of emerging and established designers. The goal is to blur the boundaries between these two categories and to help buyers see beyond the industry-imposed shelf-time.

Gill Linton, cofounder and CEO at Byronesque, stated in a press release that the idea of seasonality reduces the product’s lifespan, which is unfair for both designers and stores. This feels like a collection that doesn’t take too much time and focuses on the design and person behind it. It feels cohesive with the rest of the collections.

Byronesque, who is housed under Machine-A has chosen archival pieces from five luxury brands, Rick Owens (Maison Martin Margiela), Raf Simons (As Four), and Gareth Pugh. Stavros Karelis, the founder of Machine-A stated that brands were chosen based on the assumption that they had “truly changed the creative history fashion along with the norms & laws by defying the rules and laws”.

The curated collection includes rare runway designs dating back to 1988 that are available for you to wear and admire for many years.

black and white pattern cover all

“When you know fashion history, you can predict its future”

Byronesque also curated a selection items from emerging designers for Machine-A’s Future Vintage’ category. The pieces chosen were chosen from designers who are believed to have a strong future impact, based on research data and cultural criteria.

Karelis stated, “I realized that I already had the meaning of the vintage universe within the space Machine-A.”

Linton said: “When fashion history is understood, you can predict its future. And the many pieces that Stavros purchases are pieces that people will ask us to source in 10-15 years either because of their emotional or financial value.”

The lineup includes garments from GoomHeo, Kiko Kostadinov and Stefan Cooke.

A campaign by Katja Mayer, photographer, and Harry Lambert, stylist, was created to promote the message of collaboration. It aims at capturing the story of breaking down barriers between two worlds: The old and the new.

Machine-B is now available at Machine-A’s official e-commerce website, as well in a London-based shop on Brewer Street.