white cotton poppy on top of grey textile

All styles in the Alpha Industries ORGANICS collection feature 100% organic cotton.

What does this mean?

The most important raw material for various types of textiles is normal cotton fibers. Because cotton is an easily renewable raw material, it is biodegradable and more durable than synthetic fibers. However, cotton processing and production can have a significant negative impact on the environment as conventional cotton is mainly made from genetically modified or chemically-treated seeds. Organic cotton is an alternative. 100% of pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful substances are avoided during cultivation and processing. The so-called “Global Organic Textile Standard” (or GOTS) certifies this. Organic cotton certified by GOTS is grown with great care. This is in addition to following environmental and social standards. Organic cotton is also produced with less water.

It doesn’t end with the garment. All styles in the Alpha Industries ORGANICS line are also biodegradable, and the packaging is plastic-free. It is made from corn starch. The labels are also made of recycled paper.

Our goal is to get the textile industry back on track, to make clothes that are more sustainable, and to sensibilize consumers about the issue.

Alpha Industries, even if it doesn’t solve all problems, is making a first step in the right direction with the ORGANICS Collection. Alpha Industries is a leader in sustainable fashion. Who knows what the future holds? We advise you to keep an open mind!

white cotton poppy on top of grey textile