person holding camera taking photo of woman standing near gray wall

Balmain, a luxury fashion house, has launched The Together Project. This initiative explores the relationships between artists, their most important people and creates art that reflects these relationships in a variety of mediums. Each year, the project will grant free rein to a renowned artist with the goal of creating art that reflects people’s many ways to connect.

Balmain will be working with Evangelia Kranioti, a Greek director and visual artist. Kranioti shot and filmed a variety subjects for the exhibition. These included Rina Sawayama, songwriter, model, and choreographer Yoann Bourgeois, her mother and Allannah Star, entertainer and adult film star.

These films offer “intimate thoughts on the beauty and intimacy of affection and intimate musings” as well as more poignant and darker reflections of fear, tragedy, disease, rejection, and fragility.

Balmain will donate the proceeds from Balmain’s postcard-sized video stills of Kranioti’s work to Red, an organization that focuses on strengthening health system. Red will benefit from the proceeds to raise funds for The Global Fund’s work fighting AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa and Covid-19.

Olivier Rousteing is Balmain’s creative director. He said, “Everyone loves fashion’s digital evolution and social media.” “Evangelia Kranioti’s stunning work reflects these truths, and her ‘Together’ exhibition is a great way to start our new ‘Together Project.”

The #BalmainEnsemble movement, which began in the early days after the pandemic, inspired the creation of The Together Project. It highlighted the importance and value of community and relationships.

Balmain has partnered with Sofitel Hotels and Resorts and Leica to make Red’s donation possible. This year’s Paris Photo runs from November 11-14. The Balmain stand will host the first exhibition. The artworks from Kranioti’s The Together Project will be available to purchase. Red will receive a portion of these sales.

Rousteing stated, “If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that all of us still need to have actual contact, communication, and companionship. For when we are together, we are stronger. We are healthier.”

person holding camera taking photo of woman standing near gray wall