man looking above carrying gray camping backpack

Kanuk, a Canadian brand of outerwear, has opened its flagship store in New York City. The store is located in SoHo and will open officially on November 23rd. It will be the brand’s first boutique outside of Quebec.

Kanuk’s outerwear is durable and has been sold only in Canada. Its recent expansion into international markets was not planned. Ssense and United Arrows are two examples of retailers that have expressed interest in Kanuk’s growing brand.

The New York store was designed by architecture studio Atelier Barda to reflect the Montreal spirit. This space measures 4,000 sq. ft. and is inspired by Montreal’s winter climate. It features a white-domed room that showcases the brand’s collection, as well as the controlled use of light to illuminate them.

“Inspirated by Montreal’s retro-cult personality, the team of designers drew on the idealistic visions of the 60s, 70s, that transformed the urban landscape of Montreal at that point and still inhabits the city,” stated Cecile Combelle. Cecile is co-founder of Atelier Barda. We wanted to explore the tension between nostalgia and utopia in order to design a space which allows Kanuk to freely reinterpret its history and current evolution.

man looking above carrying gray camping backpack

Kanuk’s latest Fall/Winter collection will be displayed in the new boutique. The store will feature a variety of new pieces, from functional puffers and micro-floral prints. Kanuk’s first transitional collection, this store will offer milder weather pieces.

Kanuk has been investing in sustainable materials. As of 2022 Kanuk will no more use fur and approximately 50 percent of its current collection is made from recycled fabrics.

“Kanuk has been handcrafting its coats locally for more than 50 years. We are delighted to announce today that we are now one step closer to bringing Canadian craftsmanship to an international market,” Richard Laniel (president of Kanuk) said.