What it is:

This week’s item of the Week is described as a denim version of the classic trench. The denim coat can be worn in both a fitted and more casual silhouette. The denim coat is a popular item on international runways. Designers use it to experiment with new shapes and styles, which makes it a versatile piece that can be worn every day. Many brands have taken the item and sculpted it in their own styles so that you rarely see the same style twice.

woman holding her white shirt flipping hair

It’s why you’ll love it:

A denim coat, like denim jeans can appeal to a wide customer base. The simple style makes it easy to dress up or down. This makes it a great choice for clients who are both fashion-conscious and those who prefer safety. The denim coat is simple, but it can be made in many different designs. This allows it to adapt to diverse tastes and personalize each individual’s style. It can be worn throughout the year because of its versatility. It’s perfect for summer and can be worn as a casual coat. You can also pack the underlayers to protect you from the colder nights. A coat made from denim can last a lifetime. This makes it an excellent purchase that will keep shoppers satisfied season after season.

We’ve seen it everywhere:

The denim coat is available in many styles and has been seen all over the fashion world. However, it never looks the exact same everywhere. MM6 Maison Margiela has produced many variations of the coat, including a long, floor-sweeping version and a reversible version. Rejina Pyo, a London-based designer, presented a head to-toe denim look at her SS22 show. It featured a fitted 70’s-style denim jacket, with a belt and structured in a form-fitting way. Loewe presented the style in a completely different manner. Jonathan Anderson wore the coat in an oversize, deconstructed frame that was created using an acid wash effect. As part of its all-denim menswear collection, the luxury house displayed a traditional trench style with large lapels.

How to style it

Denim coats are a bold statement piece that can make a strong impression on anyone who wears them. The coat can be worn with jeans in a contrast denim and a simple top for an easy outfit that you can wear every day. A denim-on denim look is possible for customers who are a bit more daring. This can be done with jeans, but this time with a cropped top and denim bottoms. The jacket’s length will determine whether the dress is long or short. A flowing midi dress with ankle boots and heeled heels is a good choice if the jacket is too long. A dress that sits above the knee is best for shorter coats. For colder seasons, a pair tights, a sweater, and lace-up boots are good options.

The denim coat has become a beloved item, and is a staple in both stores and wardrobes. It can be tailored to suit different fashion preferences, while simplified versions are more appealing to larger audiences. Its long-lasting fabric and availability throughout the year make it an attractive purchase for both the retailer and the customer.