Desigual, a Spanish fashion brand, has launched a unisex jacket designed by Hannamariam Gonzalez of Central Saint Martins. Gonzalez won the Young Talents competition.

Desigual x Young Talents is an annual fashion design competition that involves students from 10 international schools. It is supported by the company’s product and marketing departments as well as HR. The winning design goes into production. Additionally, the winner receives campaign and promotion ideas.

After being asked to create a bold piece using the Desigual sweatshirt pattern, more than 500 entries were received for 2021. To ensure the brand’s essence and attributes were represented, the only requirements were that the design be bold and creative.

The winner Hannamariam Gonzalez designed her hoodie from recycled polyester. It features a vibrant print made using both 2D as 3D design software. She was inspired by augmented reality, the metaverse and other alternate realities.

Gonzalez impressed the jury with her marble design in orange and pink tones and black tones. The design can now be purchased through Desigual for 109 pounds.

Guillem Gallego is Desigual’s chief market officer. Young Talents is part of a series that aims to foster a more open and collaborative approach. We have a rich history that spans almost 38 years. Now, we want to get out of our comfort zones, explore new ideas, understand the vision of others designers, and add unique and innovative ideas to our collections. This will help us continue our brand’s evolution.