women standing while carrying green and brown leather 2-way shoulder bag

Tusting, a fifth-generation family business, has launched a line of bags with India Hicks, designer and writer, that celebrate British design.

Three styles are available in the Tusting x India Hicks Collection, ranging in size from small to large. There are three styles to choose from: ‘Sail’, an extra-large carryall; ‘Soleil” a versatile everyday bag and ‘Snatch’, a top-handled, “take anywhere” bag that is infused with romance of steamer or train travel.

These three bags, which are unisex and elegant, tell “a personal tale,” says Tusting. Each bag is made in durable thick cotton drill, stone with an orange-red lining. This is the colour of a Flame Tree, as seen in Hick’s Bahamian gardens. The washable drill fabric comes from Ireland, where Hicks used to vacation with her grandfather. The lining is water-resistant and coated, since Hicks was known to carry around a lot of flowers, wet bathing suit and even a puppy in her carryall.

Each bag is handmade in Tusting’s Buckinghamshire workshop. It has been numbered by Hick in his handwriting. Personal initials or messages can be embossed onto each bag, as with all Tusting bags.

Alistair Tusting stated in a statement that he was delighted to collaborate with India, who has been nothing short of a joy to work with and whose enthusiasm is so encouraging for the team’s talents. These designs are a testament to both our core skills as well as her amazing eye for design.

This collaboration is part of a long-standing creative partnership between Tusting and Hicks. As a wedding gift for David Flint Wood, the designer turned to Hicks to make bespoke accessories. She most notably created a custom canvas and leather bag with a monogrammed personal note.

The Tusting x Indian Hicks is now available, at prices starting from 215 to 425 Pounds.