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Hockerty anticipates that sales will reach $20 million by the end of this year.

Hockerty & Associates: “Our sales have increased 70%” Sumissura co-founder Alberto Gil

Zurich, Switzerland – Made-to-measure specialists Hockerty & Sumissura has announced that they expect to achieve $20 million in sales by 2021. Hockerty’s prospects look brighter after the global covid19 pandemic. According to Alberto Gil, Hockerty saw a 70% increase in sales 21 vs 19.

The brand’s best-sellers were the suits and wedding dresses that remained in high demand despite the pandemic. Love is the most important thing! 2020 was also the year of a new direction. This began with the release of the shoes, and ended in 2021 with the launch the made-to measure jeans.

The AFT Group – Who’s behind Sumissura and Hockerty?

The AFT group was founded in 2008 by three Spanish friends. They launched the Hockerty website first, and then its sister site Sumissura a few years later. They have combined their expertise in new technologies to create a 3D configurator which is extremely fast and efficient, and has been honored many times with awards for its design and performance. The AFT group is looking to use its knowledge to benefit other made-to measure products. They are also considering European manufacturing.

Hockerty has been improving its offerings and products since the beginning. This is thanks to the feedback of its customers and community. Hockerty has an avant-garde approach, and “zero waste” optics. They encourage everyone to consider their purchase and promote “slow fashion”. Hockerty believes that there is no compulsive buying behavior that will be left in the cupboard.

Clients are required to design from A to Z their product.

person in black suit holding brown leather bag

Acquisition of innovative companies and new products

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that sales have increased since Hockerty &. Sumissura has launched new products and services, including custom-made shoes and jeans for men. In the next few months, Sumissura will also be offering custom-made jeans for women. They also purchased a Spanish company called ‘Bullfeet’ that makes custom-made sneakers using vegan leather. This should be a welcome development for their digital customers.

The group plans to expand its product range and use its expertise to create other customized products in the future to be closer to customers’ needs.

Comprehensive and steady growth

Hockerty sees expansion as the only thing that is possible in an age when fashion’s future is digital. The company is already selling its products in all major markets and plans to expand their reach into new markets. Hockerty’s growth has been remarkable since its inception thirteen years ago, when it expanded throughout Europe and the United States. This market is currently its largest by turnover.

Alberto Gil, Hockerty’s cofounder, stated that “our products are produced upon demand, which means that we have a true zero-waste mindset in our production processes. This makes our company truly sustainable.” Gil stated that the partners of Hockerty have extensive experience in the technology sector which enabled them to enter this business model right from the beginning.

Hockerty & Sumissura offers a wide range of products online including custom-made clothing and shoes. Customers can also view their creations online in real-time thanks to the 3D online designer. The 3D designer has received numerous praises from customers, and customer feedback indicates that it further enhances user experience.

Online tailor was founded by Alberto Gil and Humbert Codina in 2008. It plans to expand its product range. It plans to increase its technological know-how and innovate in its production processes. Hockerty & Associates is another. Sumissura plans to target a younger audience and grow its footwear business.

Return to the spanish roots

The company currently has its main production facility in Shanghai. It also has a second production plant in Toledo (Spain). Hockerty plans to open another production plant in Spain within the next few years. They are also working hard to open new European clothing production facilities.

Another step towards expansion

Hockerty’s first brand ambassador was Spanish Olympic champion Saul Craviotto. He is a five-time kayaking medalist and is on his way to Paris 2024. Hockerty is known for its custom-made clothing. Hockerty decided to go beyond its comfort zone and create an exclusive collection with Saul that will allow him to feel great outside of the water: Hockerty & Saul Craviotto.

Saul’s personality, professional background, and values convinced everyone to work with him. He is deeply human and puts his all in the service of others. His family, his sport and country are his first priorities. Then, there’s his Spanish friends. In close collaboration with Saul, the Hockerty employees worked tirelessly on this project.

Saul Craviotto, a Spanish athlete who has won the most Olympic medals

Saul Craviotto, a father, a Spanish officer, and a kayaker, is one of the most successful Spanish Olympic medalists, with five medals in Beijing 2008 (London 2012), Rio 2016 (Rio 2016), and Tokyo 2020. With the aim of winning five Olympic medals at Paris 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, and competing for a sixth medal in the 2024 Olympics, he will continue to face new challenges.


It is crucial to know what you should wear in every situation. It is important to know what garment and fabric will make you feel comfortable and happy. We designed several fabrics that were inspired by Saul’s kayak to help him expand his comfort zone. When you examine the details closer, the subtle patterns speak of Saul’s kayak, but blur into a light blue like the fabric of his top shirts. has two of Saul Craviotto’s signature shirts in a limited edition or while the fabric lasts. Saul chose classic, lilac-toned dress shirts in the same style as the many suits in gray. The Saul Craviatto look is completed by a classic trench coat in beige. Saul chose a brown wool coat for colder days. Hockerty now has a limited edition Saul’s collection.

“I feel more comfortable in tailored clothes, I feel more relaxed, more at ease, and more agile. Aside from my athletic body, I have a unique body. My upper body is more powerful than my legs. It is very satisfying to be able to wear comfortable, sustainable and tailored clothing. I feel more confident about myself.” says Saul Craviatto.

Even though it seems like a successful career, Saul has had to deal with many difficulties, difficult moments, and even defeats. Saul has had to step out of his comfort zone to learn, improve and gain more time on the stopwatch. He continues to be the best version of himself. Learning is a process that helps us expand our comfort zone.

Hockerty’s extensive range of products, as well as the fact that they can all be made to Saul’s exact measurements, allow athletes to find the right clothes, whatever their weight or size.


Sumissura was founded in 2013 in response to growing demand from the female community. Suits, blazers and pants, as well as shirts, shirts, coats and trenches were all offered by the brand. Sumissura then launched its fully customizable dress collection. There are dresses for every occasion, including cocktail dresses and evening dresses. Every customer has the ability to choose from a variety of options, including neckline, cut, sleeves and fabrics.

One philosophy has shaped the brand: Sumissura offers a wardrobe that is suitable for all ages, styles, and sizes. Sumissura does not have a standard size. Everything is custom made according to customer needs. Skilled tailors have decades-long experience in making high-quality, made-to-measure clothes. Sustainability is another important aspect of the brand. Sumissura strives to eliminate waste and unnecessary actions every day. This personalized offer allows Sumissura to manage the entire production process and its costs. There are no stocks, sales, unnecessary costs or waste of resources.

Sumissura’s pandemic was also a surprise when it comes to sales. After a brief downturn, sales grew like never before and reached a new level. Along with coats, pants, and dresses, blazers and suits are top sellers. The brand is constantly receiving messages expressing the need to make more inclusive and custom-made items.

Recent developments have seen Sumissura follow the footsteps of Hockerty shoes.

Sumissura’s Women’s Tailored Shoes are now available

The Swiss brand launched its new fully customizable footwear line for women after the success of its custom-made clothing.

Sumissura, a website that sells affordable custom clothing for women has just launched a range of custom shoes. You can now easily create your own shoes online, whether you are looking for boots, Chelsea Boots or moccasins, Oxford, Derbies or Moccasins.

Sumissura’s shoe collection will continue the legacy of clothing success: it is fully customizable so each customer can design the shoes that best suit her needs.

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Sumissura’s footwear collection will continue to build on the brand’s tailor-made approach in clothing. It will feature fully customizable footwear that can be crafted to fit the client’s specific style and size requirements.

Sumissura will launch four models as part of its women’s shoe collection. These include the Oxford, Derby and Monk style shoes. There will be a range of women’s dress boots in the collection, including Chukka, Chelsea, and Dress styles.

The Oxford model is a classic in men’s shoeing and was adopted by many women who sought comfort and elegance. Pumps and high heels can add a feminine and elegant touch to your look. The casualr derbies have also made their way to the shelves for women. They are just as comfortable and add a masculine flair to the outfit.

Loafers can be worn for years. Loafers can be worn with anything, from penny loafers to horse bits to tassels. It can be worn with a classic outfit or altered by a modern outfit.

The Sumissura offer also includes boots that are perfect for fall-winter. The lace-up boot is elegant and can be paired with a classic outfit. For a modern look, you can twist them with a thick “mountain shoe” sole. Chelsea Boots don’t need to be presented anymore. They are available in many shapes, colors and materials. They can only be identified by the elastic at their ankle. The configurator allows you to personalize your shoes to be unique and perfectly match your style. The Chukka boots, also known as Desert boots, is becoming a more popular model because of its casual style and comfort.

Sumissura offers a variety of boot and shoe models that allow clients to customize their footwear. Clients can choose from leather, suede, and more sophisticated details like broguing or toe caps to create the perfect pair of shoes that will complement any outfit, day or night.

Sumissura was founded to change the industry of tailor-made clothing by giving women affordable, high quality clothing that fits and reflects their individual style. Sumissura continues to fulfill its mission with the addition of its dress shoes and boots. This allows women to have stylish, versatile, and customized footwear.

Sumissura boots and shoes are handcrafted in Spain using high-quality Italian leather and Spanish leather. The brand’s online 3-D designer allows for easy customization to suit the client’s needs.

About Hockerty

Hockerty is the leading e-commerce company for customizing 100% of your clothes and shoes. Hockerty is now a global e-commerce company that serves hundreds of thousands of customers, thirteen years after it was founded as a small privately funded startup. Hockerty has more than 60 employees across Zurich, Barcelona, and Shanghai who work hard to create custom products. Hockerty, Sumissura, and their customers are working together to create a world where everyone buys less, is more efficient, and has clothes that fit perfectly.

About Sumissura

Sumissura is an e-commerce pioneer in customizing women’s clothing. Sumissura offers customers the freedom to customize their clothing using a wide range of customization options, fabrics, and styles. Sumissura believes everyone should have a unique wardrobe. Sumissura was founded by three young entrepreneurs who saw a need for custom clothing and decided to tackle the challenge of making custom clothing affordable. Their startup journey began in their living room, with little savings. Friends and family are crucial in helping them succeed. Sumissura’s mission was simple: To allow people to express themselves through their clothes and to let them choose their own style. Daily. Affordable prices. Custom made to order Sumissura’s teams in Shanghai, Barcelona, and Zurich work to create new, custom-made products. Sumissura, in partnership with its customers, is working to create a world where everyone buys less and gets better clothes.

Our “Made in Shanghai” is something we are proud of. Every customer will benefit from our expertise and know-how at an affordable cost. We also guarantee working conditions that are respectful of our employees as well as the environment.

We believe in collective effort and this is our daily raison de vivre.

Let’s work together to create a more equitable world. Buy less and buy better clothes that last and fit perfectly.